VTT DCA: French Meat Chopper!

Meet an anti-aircraft platform that features four 12.7 mm machine guns on a light APC chassis which is going to be a very welcomed addition to the lower ranks of the French ground tree!

VTT DCA: An SPAA for France at Rank II


  • Light tracked chassis.
  • High rate of fire.
  • Good mobility.
  • Light protection.
Vehicle History

Based on the AMX-13 light tank, the VTT armored personnel carrier was developed and launched into mass production in 1957. As this chassis was widely produced it became quite a suitable platform for numerous experimental variants, a notable example being the AMX-13 VTT / DCA (Véhicule de Transport de Troupe/Défense Contre Avions). It was armed with an American M45 .50 caliber quadmount, the same found on the iconic M16 Half-track. Unlike the M16 however, the VTT DCA was only a single prototype and didn’t reach mass production.

Meet the VTT DCA!

Today we’re continuing our coverage on the spring update and will be talking about the rapid firing VTT DCA. This little beast will soon be available in the lower ranks of the French tech tree, and will make for a highly effective anti-air vehicle for beginner players. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer!

If you’re an experienced tanker, you’ll find the armament of the VTT DCA quite familiar. This is because it features the American M45 Quadmount that can be found on several vehicles throughout the game, some of which include the M16 Half-track in the American and Japanese tree, to more obscure vehicles such as the CCKW 353 for China and the CM52 for Italy. However, this addition to France is comparatively stronger, since it’s based on an APC chassis which can also fire directly forwards — something the CCKW and CM52 struggle with.

Download Wallpaper:

Interesting: The American M16 with the M45 Quadmount received the daunting nickname of “Meat Chopper” during World War II (hence the name of this blog)!

Since the VTT DCA is going to be at Rank II, its high caliber machine guns are not only going to be useful against aircraft, but also against lightly armored ground vehicles if you bring some AP belts into your battle. Thanks to its mobility, this vehicle can also be used effectively in the support role, where its machine guns can make very quick work of enemy tracks. The sheer volume of fire can quite easily obstruct an enemy’s field of view if fire is concentrated on the optic sights!

Despite having more armor than most anti-air vehicles around this rank, this armor can’t be fully relied on since it only offers protection against shrapnel and light machine guns. What’s rather interesting though is that the VTT DCA has a rather unusual crew layout: the driver and gunner are in standard positions in the front of the hull and manning the turret respectively, but the commander and loader are positioned at the back of the hull. Because of this, the VTT DCA has a decent chance of being able to survive a shot or two without being taken out, which is something most contemporary SPAA vehicles can’t boast about.

In your matches by Ilya, Community Manager: “It just so happens that I’ve only recently started progressing through the French tree, so I’m especially looking forward to the VTT DCA in game. A strong point of this machine is that it doesn’t have a cabin getting in the way of how much it can depress the guns, something a lot of early SPAA struggle with, and this definitely helps a lot when going after ground vehicles. I would advise you only use the armor-piercing incendiary belts as these are effective against both aircraft and ground vehicles, giving you a lot of versatility and saving you time from having to switch belts.”

That’s today’s blog wrapped! All in all, the VTT DCA will soon be arriving in the next major update and is sure to be a neat addition to France’s Rank II ground forces. We’ve got a lot of other interesting vehicles left to show you, so stay tuned to the news where we’ll see you in the next blog with all the details.

You can greatly speed up the research of the VTT DCA with this pack:

French Starter Pack
French Starter Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • B1 ter tank (France, Rank II)
  • P-40F-5 Lafayette fighter (France, Rank II)
  • Premium Account for 7 days
  • 120000 Silver Lions



Yet another SPAA gap filled! Gaijin has been on a roll recently


Nice to have some gaps filled in AA.


Nice to see it. The 20mm version would also be cool!


little late but still nice to have

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Now the best spaa till 8.3 XD gaijin can we just get the amx13 dca without the radar or apds at 7.0 just to close the gaps further…

If it’s 3.0/3.3 yes.

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Seems like giving France a WW2-very early cold war spaa for ground each update has become tradition now.

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Lmao the M45 mount is becoming the Sherman of SPAA,i’m glad tho since it’s a good weapon against aircrafts at many BR brackets.

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Even though I don’t play France, this seems like a nice and fitting addition! I especially like that this is original vehicle and not some copy paste export vehicle.

However, we have to ask the obligatory question - 4th rank USA SPAA when?


How can it be communicated that the French community severely wishes for more top tier LTs and IFVs @Smin1080p ? Nice to see this though!


dare i say in dire need of


fun but can we get some interesting vehicles too?

Now can sweden please get SPAA for 5.0 - 6.7 please im tired of being afraid of running out of ammunition. Or having to bring the L/60 ANTI II to 5.0 pleasee

The developers are already aware of people’s desires to see more vehciles at the higher tiers and we are working on some examples for future updates. The French SPAA gaps was also a particular request from past player feedback for us to work on. Which is what is coming to the game in this update.


Well thank god gaijin is solving the growing lack of SPAA


Just the 1 spaa or are you also putting something between 5.7 and 8.3?

Well, that thing will be 2.7?


Knowing gaijin its probably one of two SPAAs this update