VT4 makes our Chinese and Thai players angry


The launch of the VT4 this time is simply infuriating! It was with such anger that I sensibly solemnly sent this forum to Gaijin.
First of all, with the current strength of the VT4, it is not worthy of being a Tier VIII land combat vehicle at all. Although a large number of Chinese and Thai players had already expressed their opinions on the VT4, a completely semi-finished vehicle in the test server, Gajin did not seem to have taken our opinion on board at all. Without violating the laws of the People’s Republic of China, some unclassified parts of the VT4 document were also transmitted to the forum by Thai friends, who are also one of the biggest users of VT4, for Gaijin’s reference. However, Gaijin doesn’t seem to even be able to copy homework. Not only were the rotational speeds of the high-low and low-level machines and steering machines not restored in reality, but even the “side ERA” promised by Gaijin himself in the development log was not implemented, and the ERA that should have appeared on the roof of the car was also missing. What’s even more excessive: the basic armor of the VT4 is actually based on MBT2000! How lazy do you have to be to do it? In fact, from the words “weak armor protection under the head” in the development log, I clearly understood that VT4 was not a Tier VIII land combat gift from Gaijin to players in China, Thailand, and Pakistan at all, confirming that we had spent time and effort on the development of the tech tree, but something that was fabricated purely for the publicity stunt of “Tier VIII land warfare” with my own unreliable guesses. Whether it is the catastrophic poor performance of the ZTZ99A when it was first launched, or its subsequent bugs, and the extremely poor production attitude of the VT4 now, this confirms Gaijin’s carelessness in making China’s top tank. What’s even more terrifying is that Gaijin is still charging our opinion providers with “trumped-up” charges – even the distribution of CCTV-approved video screenshots and presentations on forums is brutally banned (what they call the “125-III leak”). Is it not even allowed to give advice in a reasonable way?
Again, to clarify: the VT4 has much better armor parameters than the MBT2000, and the first armor is not easily penetrated; The reload time is not 7.1 seconds, but a maximum of 6.5 seconds to 6.7 seconds, and its steering and high and low machines are very good, comparable to NATO tanks… Gaijin, who saw the VT4 operation manual on the forum, knows better than all of us. So is Gaijin really not going to do a good job of tanks, or does he not want to do a good job? Won’t you do it? Aren’t the T90-M and Leopard 2A7V doing a good job? I guess they don’t want to do it well.
Almost all of the top tanks of the Chinese, French, American, German, and British systems were smeared by Gaijin to varying degrees, with the Chinese and French carriers bearing the brunt of the fact that they submitted very detailed information, but the results were unsatisfactory. The reason is very simple: Gaijin does not want to admit his fault. I hope Gaijin will not forget the unpleasant things that happened in May this year and take them as a warning. If Gaijin repeatedly raises the vehicles of the Russian Federation and belittles the vehicles of other countries for the sake of so-called “balance” and “historical facts”, in the end, players will either be disappointed and angry, and WT will eventually lose all its players, or only Russian tank enthusiasts will be left tormented by the “civil war”, and they will only be able to watch the deteriorating game environment and do nothing.
In terms of valuing player voices, Gaijin has made a lot of progress since May this year. However, in this regard, progress is far from enough. To pay attention to the voice of players, we must start from paying attention to niche tanks such as VT4, and from paying attention to the voices of players in Thailand, Pakistan, China, France and other countries.
Although my emotions are a little excessive, I really don’t want “modern warfare”, the core selling point of WT, to be ruined by “selective restoration of history”. Hopefully the game will get better and better.


What’s the point of writing it this way?
(Originally it was written in a weird format. Which made it difficult to read)

I dont know , but point is good.

maybe because some threads of compain about issue of new vehicles were been shut down🤔

I’m a Thai player. But I’m not angry, I think it’s already good.

Still they can remove it. Writing it this way just made it really difficult to read.




Please strengthen Chinese vehicles, as they are far weaker than the actual level. If gaijin continues to ignore the demands of Chinese players, we will stop recharging money. This is a consensus among domestic players, not something you can solve by deleting posts or banning


Good news, the armor model and gun handling for VT4 has been updated!

That’s great.(Although the front ERAs of our VT4A1 are still connected, a large piece will drop if hit. Of course, Gaijin also has a certain misunderstanding about the physical thickness of 550KE and 550mm. In order to achieve the goal of 550KE, the VT4’s composite armor is still much thicker than the game, not 550 mm thick)At the same time, it is expected that the M1A2SEPV2 depleted uranium armor can be implemented, and the D armor of the Leopard 2A7V will be restored.


Dear gaijin staff:

Please have a look and remember, it is this horribly weak vt4a-1 that changed my plan to buy another 25000 eagle pack, which I have brought a lot.


well, I think it still not good enough for 11.7

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bro pakistani players are angry too, they expect this thing to be an 11.7 MBT? hell nah!
(add our name to the list)

In its current state it should be 11.3 definitely not 11.7 material at all even with aps.

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they dont care if you stop buying though

I agree

Honestly this is a bad take, the VT-4 along with all other chinese tanks is untested in combat unlike western nations like the M1A2 and Challengers, leopards etc. So the capabilities of chinese vehicles is an unknown but considering how China produces it’s products and construction I’m willing to bet they aren’t as good as advertised. (Yes there is the statistics on paper but we won’t know how good it really is until it enters actual combat)

practical testing? lmao
this is the stupidest statement in military discussions
strv122 achieved a record of 0-10 on the battlefield. so should it be very powerful in the game?
Why did Pakistan purchase hundreds of VT4 ? And not something else? Why does the Thai military love VT4 so much?
It must not be because it performs well, right?
by the way, VT4 has participated in military operations in nigeria
and, this a game. when placing it on 11.7, the game should consider the issue of “balance”
this game is also completely different from the real battlefield environment
connecting reality with games is even more absurd


typical western prejudice