Vt 1 need to be ACLOS instead of SACLOS as it was irl

Vt1 irl was a ACLOS missile which mean the missile is close fire and forget you still able to look for another target, because you dont have to adjust your gunsight on target just mentain lock, so the missile not wobble at all so ito and other vt 1 user AA systems get a chance to be good again, now vt feels like a beam riding missile and a lot of times it just misses because of that

Gaijin please consider it <3


Sources for this would be needed, either a single primary source or at least 2x secondary sources.

The rules regarding sources;

WARNING: Please note! Any information or sources deemed restricted (not cleared for public release) by their respective ownership will not be accepted and will be dealt with according to any legal requirements.

What is appropriate source material for historical issues?

OEM Manuals (primary source): User manuals, repair manuals, factory manuals, operating manuals, technical manuals etc. Single source is required (preferred source).
Authored works (secondary source): Reference books on collections of vehicles/aircraft/ships (‘coffee table books’), biographies, specialist books, “expert” opinion publications, industry magazines etc. At least two unrelated sources required.

You need to provide the following information about the source:

  • Title and if applicable: publication date, document number, ISBN;
  • Author or organisation;
  • Image of the cover;
  • Images of all the referenced pages and their page numbers;
  • References for photographs;strong text


Also given the nature of the system please read the rules on classified materials.


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every website says ACLOs (wikipedia,http://www.globalsecurity.org), but as i saw basically every site i checked like 10 are based on somehow wikipedia and ito dont have public manuals sadly

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sites like wikipedia do not count because everyone can edit them, it needs to be offical article of the makers or other trusthworthy sources

The brochure from the manufacturer, Thales : https://www.thalesgroup.com/sites/default/files/database/d7/asset/document/VT1_brochure.pdf
mentions that the missile has a CLOS system and an escape zone of 15km : VT1 | Thales Group.
Also, everywhere is stated that the VT1 max G limit is 35G (G load before nerfed, with was change to 50G to try to compensate for the nerf, without helping at all).
Now, is the CLOS they mention (and that we see everywhere) an automatic or semi-automatic, I don’t know. But, if we can’t find any reliable source that its ACLOS, we also can’t find any source that its SACLOS. So, I would like to know if Gaijing has any sources that states one or the other. And, if they don’t, then, considering the VT1 is from the Crotale NG update from the 90s (so a modern system), and considering how underperforming it is compared to other SAMs in the game (Pantisr, Tor, ADATS), isn’t it possible to consider switching its guidance mode from SACLOS to ACLOS ?


i mean vt1 now its the worst ground to air missile in the game RN in its BR

thats the problem with french stuff restricted like crazy

well there is this:

"The TRS 3207 Crotale is a surveillance and target acquisition radar and a missile guidance radar used in conjunction with the Crotale air defense system. There it is used for target acquisition and automatic target tracking, as well as missile guidance. The TRS 3207 is used for air defense against low- and very low-altitude targets in the (V)SHORAD range and is used to protect own forces at close range. The missile guidance radar operates in the X-Band and is a frequency-agile monopulse Doppler radar that has low susceptibility to jamming and deception. The maximum detection range is 18 km. Countering helicopters is effective up to a range of 12 km.

Up to two missiles can be guided simultaneously. A goniometer detects the missile during the launch phase. Thereafter, the missile is guided by the radar on the line of sight and its deviation from the target is continuously calculated, with the deviation in elevation and azimuth between the centerline of the antenna (boresight), the target and the missile.

On Crotale versions up to and including the Crotale 5000, the TRS 3207 is mounted on the launcher, called the firing unit (FU), which contains the radar as well as four guided missiles. The Mirador reconnaissance and target assignment radar is located apart from the FU on a separate vehicle called the Acquisition Unit (AU). It operates in S-Band. In the newer version of the Crotale family, the Crotale NG (New Generation), both the search and target tracking radars are mounted on one vehicle along with the missiles."


sadly that is not a primary source

true, but it is one secondary, so we just have to find more :)

secondary resources are defined as well as

I dont think globalsecurity.org counts as a secondary source

awe… damn.

Basically we need 1 primary source directly from the constructor/users, or 2 secondary sources have to be as mentioned above, so they won’t accept website article as a secondary source. Needs to be verifiable with all mentioned field.
From Thales website, the only thing mentioned is that it’s CLOS, and maybe the 15km range of the missile which we could maybe do a report about instead of 12km currently in game, so nothing for ACLOS. If checked around in the French armies websites but haven’t found anything either. If anyone speaks Finnish, Greek or other, maybe they could look for it in their respective websites.
Or we need to find someone with books, flyers from events are also accepted…
If we can maybe find the sources of thar article and see where it leads we could find something usable…

well someone could try writing an mail to thales lol and ask, the succes rate just isnt very high

There is absolutly no consistency as to what sources are and arent accepted. I have seen bug reports using information directly from manufacturers, congressional defense reports, and even direct statements from the US army denied, but then a vehicle added to the game where the only sources were wikipedia, a popular mechanics article, and an armored warfare dev blog


Spookston making that m41a1 report lol


I don’t know if there was any big changes, but it seems to me that the VT1 got a major buff in the form of a much shorter delay before the missile actually start tracking. I can finally reliably kill hells under 1.5km now. It seems mostly similar to the Tor M1 and Pantsir now

it was changed in one of that last few small updates, it still has issues with responsiveness at long range tho.

yep, that still has to do with the stupidly high 50G and terrible PID director of the missile. But under 8km its now surprisingly usable

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