VT-1 isn’t up to it…

So a few qualifiers up front.
This topic is related to top tier and nothing else.

Also, this is not another CAS Spam/Tank Only Mode post. And yes, I’m aware that there are other options to deal with CAS, like my own fighter and so on…

However, this post is around the VT-1 and it’s equivalents in top tier and it’s performance.
A few months ago the VT-1 was changed to a “realistic” flight model, which made the missile absolutely impossible to use.

It then received a buff and we had a bit more control, but it was and is still a far cry from what it used to be.

In the meantime, Gaijin added a bunch of new planes and helicopters with a lot of new toys on them.
Hitting ground targets from 12-15km is no problem, whether that is through GBU’s or AGM’s.

Spawn costs for planes and helicopters are relativey low and within 3 minutes on playtime you already have planes and helicopters with guided missiles in the round.

The SPAA options range from 2 missiles before reloading (FlaRakRad) to 8 missiles with the ITO at once.

This means you have a relativly target rich/overwhelming environment within a few minutes while your SPAA platform with the wheeled devices are not only slow, but they are literally the size of a house too.

So to make a long story short.
The VT-1 (and its equivalents in other nations) are useless beyond 8km distance as it starts to wobble.
Anything beyond 5km distance has a non-wxistent response to react to direction changes from enemy planes.
Anything below 5km distance can be killed, if it doesn’t move suddenly.

The VT-1 and the platforms that use it (except Pantsir, Tor and Ito) are not up to the challenges and environments in top tier and urgently need a significant improvement.

At least give the missiles the control mode before it was changes to a realistic mode, and even though that might not be historically accurate, it will at least provide some balance.

In addition, the amount of points a SPAA player gets for killing an aircraft needs to be brought on par with regular ground kills.

So I have no idea if anyone from Gaijin will read this, but maybe…maybe someone will.


the vt1 is okay for helicopters but hitting a aircraft is nearly impossible because it starts to shake and fly all over the fucking place. also, inb4 some knuckle dragging mouth breather tries to say the FlaRakRad is the second best spaa again.


I dunno, I feel like VT-1 is similar to Roland’s.

Good enough against clueless helicopters and jets, useless for anything else

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