Vs.Kfz.31 Leichttraktor Rheinmetall

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Like i allready suggested 2 different versions of the Großtraktor, now also the Leichttraktor Rheinmetall (Or short L.Tr. Rh) (Gameplay wise its the better one) to have the developmental beginning of german rearmarment after WW1 in terms of Tank development.
It would add a new light tank to the game, that while not having that good light tank characteristics because of the rather low top speed, but will have good survivability (engine in the front, as well as air and double layer armor. with great angle) and overall small size with a usable/good gun, that is currently a bit underrepresented in game, even tho it was if not the most common AT and Tank gun at the start of the war, the 3,7 cm KwK L/45, allready familiar from the Pz III Ausf. B and E, Nb.Fz and Sd.Kfz.251/10.

The Leichttraktor was along the Kleintraktor (which would become the Pz I) the first light tank development in 1928, mere 2 years after the start of the Großtraktor development. The name itself was one of the ways to hide the tank development as it was prohibited by the Versailles contract.
Again the companies Rheinmetall, Krupp and Daimler Benz were contracted to develop a light tank in the 10-12 ton categorie.
In an Document from 17.04.1928 for the Kraftfahrt Rüstungsprogramm, that the first prototypes are to be delivered in October 1929 and start of testing in 1930. Which would be continued to have a companie of 17 tanks in 1931 build by the remaining buget.
After further development and problems with the specifications such as the weight class and engine power Rheinmetall allready had their concerns about it beeing underpowered and Daimler Benz directly layed off the contract in july 1928.

Along the normal Rheinmetall, there was also a Panzerjäger version, with a new turret design with reduced frontal size and one armed with still an 3,7 cm KwK L/45 and one armed with an 2 cm KwK L/55.

Pictures: (Click to show)



The specifications were:

  • A Rheinmetall 3,7 cm Gun with 200 rounds (the 3,7 cm KwK L/45)
  • A crew of 3 to 4
  • Max weight of 6 ton (like the Vickers-Armstrong which was developed in the same year)
  • 40 km/h on street and 20 km/h offroad speed
  • Climb of up to 60°
  • 150 L tank volume
  • A smoke discharger
  • Gas filter
  • Radio equipment
    Along of the obvious function of a tank, it was also be able to fill other rolls such as a Food Tug, Ammo transporter and a civil version.

The Gun:
3,7 cm KwK 36 L/45 (or at that time still the 3,7 cm KwK L/45) and a Coax Mg 13
With 150 and 3000 rounds respectively.
-10° to +20° elevation, 360° Traverse at 15°/sec speed.
Pzgr. APHE 0,685 kg 13 g Pent 745 m/s 47mm/10m
Pzgr. 40 APCR 0,37 kg 1020 m/s 86mm/10m
Sprgr. 18 HE 0,62kg 29 g Np.10 (49,3g TNTe) 745m/s
Sprgr. 40 HE 0,665 kg 45 g Np.10 (76,5g TNTe) 780m/s

The Vehicle:
L / W / H: 4,21 m / 2,26 m / 2,27 m
Speed: 35 km/h
Engine: Daimler Benz M36 6 Cylinder 100 Ps at 2000 Rpm
Armor: LFP 19,5 mm angled, UFP 14,5 mm heavily angled, Drivers Hood 14,5mm, and a 8,5 mm Armor plate between the engine compartment and fighting compartment.
back 14,5 mm, side 2x 14,5 mm turret 14,5 mm all around.

Vs.Kfz.31 Manual
Munition der 3,7 cm Pak und KwK
Tanks of the World 1915-1945

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Ooh I’ve been waiting for this one. I hope we get a special mode for early interwar vehicles.

I love interwar tanks. +1