VP10 (UW4A) - Supporting Fire

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TL;DR: A recent Chinese export APC armed with a 30mm autocannon in an unmanned turret.



The VP10, first seen in 2014 and first officially revealed in 2015, is China’s most recent wheeled APC entry into the export market. The VP10 features an 8x8 configuration and amphibious capabilities, allowing it to be a viable troop transport in most conditions. Compared to the VN-1, another one of China’s export APCs, the VP10 is an overall smaller and lighter vehicle with a weaker engine and worse armor, however, likely due to the lighter weight, the VP10 is 5kph faster. Like most Chinese export APCs, a myriad of armament options are available, allowing a customer to purchase a vehicle tailored to their specific needs. One of these options is a 30mm dual-fed autocannon mounted in the UW4A remote-controlled weapon station. The nature of this weapon station allows the VP10 to effectively engage lightly armored targets and low-flying helicopters as it is equipped with an automatic tracking function. A thermal imager and laser rangefinder are mounted on the right side of the stabilized 30mm autocannon. On top of all this, only two crew members are required to operate the vehicle in its fullest capacity. As an APC, the VP10 can accommodate up to 12 fully-equipped-troops, which are protected from 12.7mm MG fire from the front and 7.62mm MG fire from the sides and rear. As of now, the VP10 has not received any official orders.

Place In War Thunder:

With the addition of fast autocannon carriers to the mid/high tiers of Japan and Germany, it is only reasonable that every other nation should follow suit. The Type 87 RCV and Wiesel 1A4 are proof that these vehicles have a place in War Thunder. That being said, China has a lot of options when it comes to this type of vehicle and I find it unlikely that the VP10 will end up in the tech tree as something like the WZ-551 would be more fitting. I feel that the VP10 would fit best as a squadron vehicle equivalent to whatever China get in its tree. Playstyle would be similar to vehicles like the Type 87 RCV and Wiesel 1A4, however, you’d have to play with an extra level of caution as the VP10 is larger than both and only has 2 crew. Despite these downsides, the VP10 is still extremely maneuverable and equipped with a stabilizer, which would allow you to take powerful early-game positions before opening up on the sides of early MBTs.


Armament: ZPZ02 30mm autocannon and 1x 7.62mm MG

Dimensions: 6.90m, 2.70m, 2.10m (L,W,H)

Weight: 11340kg

Armor: 12.7mm proof from the front and 7.62mm proof all-round

Crew: 2

Ammunition: 30mm DTC10-30 APDS and HE.

Speed: 105kph (land) 8kph (water)

Horsepower: 362hp


Side View:


3/4th View:




Army Guide

Army Guide

https://www.deagel.com/Armored Vehicles/VP-10/a003213

Below The Turret Ring: China is developing a new APC

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