Vosper 73 foot Motor Torpedo Boat Type II, MTB 523

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Vosper 73 foot Motor Torpedo Boat Type II, MTB 523


Vehicle design:

The Vosper 73 foot Motor Torpedo Boat was the epitome of world war two era British motor torpedo boat (MTB) designed from Vospers, as they took lessons learned during the course of the war and applied them to a comparitivly small vessel, when compared to its longer peers such as the Fairmile D. The inception of the 73 foot class came from a british requirement that motor torpedo boats should be better able to fight other small craft, which was normally the job of motor gun boats (MGB). To meet this requirement Vospers Improved on their existing 70 footer designs, which went on to become a series of 16 vessels in the Vosper 73 foot Motor Torpedo Boat Type I. This design was well armed and proved rather sucessful, so a second contract for 5 more vessles to a modified version of this class was issued in december of 1944, which requested an even heavier gun armament, in the form of a QF-6 pounder gun, which displaced the twin oerlikon to the aft deck. In order to maintain sea worthiness with this new weigh two torpedo tubes were subtracted, though for this the class was more capable in the MGB role. This class would be refered to Vosper 73 foot Motor Torpedo Boat Type II group, and would go on to serve as the basis for the later xxxx Class.

Vehicle Specification:


Displacement: 48.75 long tons (50 t)

Length: 73 ft (22 m)

Beam: 19 ft 6 in (5.94 m)

Draught: 3 ft (0.91 m)

Propulsion: 3 × 1,400 hp (1,000 kW) Packard petrol engines

Speed: 40 knots (74 km/h; 46 mph)

Complement: 13

Armament: 1 × QF 6 pounder gun

2 × 18-inch torpedo tubes

1 × 2 20mm Oerlikon gun

2 × 2 .303 Vickers machine guns

Armour: Armour plate around the bridge

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