Vosper 72 feet-type class, MTB 358

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Vosper 72 feet-type class, MTB 358


Vehicle Design:

The 72 foot vospers were a continuation of the 70 foot ships, which involved several improvements, the first being the fitting of Packard engines giving the vessels a 40 knot to speed. In most other regards they were similar to other vosper craft of the time, as they were armed with two 21-in torpedo tubes, one twin 0.5-in machinegun, and two twin 0.303-in machineguns. Later 72 footers dropped the 0.303 guns and obtained a 20mm oerlikon, The sub series MTB 358 belongs to a group of 16 ordered in 1943, which had an altered internal arrangement, and mounted the following weapons; two 21-in torpedo tubes, one twin 0.5-in machinegun, two twin 0.303-in machineguns and one single 20-mm cannon, some vessels like MTB 358 were also equipt with 2 inch rocket launchers that could fire either flares of High explosive rockets. Apart from this they are just a standard vosper design, and the 72 foot series was arguably the most prolific of british MTB, as over 177 were manufactured during the course of the war in various configurations.

Vehicle specification:

Displacement: 42 BRT

Length: 72 feet

Complement: 13 men

Armament: 1 x 2 .5" vickers AA (1x2)
2 x 2 .303" AA vickers K
2 X 1 21" torpedo tubes

2x 1 2 inch rocket launchers

4 x depth charges

Max speed: 40 knots

Engines: Petrol engines, 3 shafts

Power: 4050 HP