Volumetrics are horrible

With a Panzer IV/70, I shot a Panther in the turret then in the undercarriage with 192 mm APCBC shells. Neither killed. Let alone caused Critical Damage. ???

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Skill issue.


Everyone knows volumetric is bad.


It’s even worse in sim, where you spend 5 minutes of flanking only to have your side shot do no damage and then get one shot back by that blind Tiger.


It is still annoying to say the least. Especially, when you spend money.

Maybe someone else shot it in the turret just before you did?

Yes, if you spend money, you should get a kill guarantee, for true pay2win. 😅
As for volumetric being bad, just because a shell doesn’t penetrate when you think it should, doesn’t make it the fault of volumetric. And just because volumetric armor and shell modelling is not perfect, that doesn’t make it bad in general.
With the descriptions given, I can’t even say what happened, don’t see the angles involved, the exact spots that were hit, etc. “The Panther turret” has areas with overlapping armor and areas without, there is also not the one Panther turret in the first place.