Volumetric T-34s and Fuel Tanks

If a 120mm solid shell impacts 60mm of armor and the shell does not richochet the tank is dead

Remove anti-spall from fuel tanks you are incapable of balancing it


We had this kind of system before, they could not get it to work.

Hull break had issues and overpressure is a much better and more enjoyable mechanic.

My post is more a complaint against how volumetric renders against solid shells and presents unrealistic armor values.

The second half is the current state of fuel tank physics which act as armor rather than a detriment in design.

If they actually updated the armor of older vehicles, it would solve a lot of that. Right now, we have new shell mechanics vs old armor mechanics.
Fuel tanks do tend to act as a type of armor but it does sometimes act way stronger than it should. Like when a kv1’s side fuel tank eats my ap. One way they could help with this is to add a new fuel fire mechanic. When a shell passes all the way through a fuel tank and starts a fuel fire, the crew near the fuel tanks should take similar damages as they would from napalm. This would be because they are now covered in the burning fuel.

All T34s in the game have been updated to volumetric armour a while ago.

The fuel tanks of T34 is well known of eating shells up to modern APFSDS just because it’s Russian, while similar thing never heard on vehicles of other nations

That’s just false, you only notice it happening on Russian tanks because they are the ones with the most obvious fuel tanks. You also are forgetting that a fuel explosion is a very common way to kills tanks from the T-34/Kv-1 up to the T-64/T-72.

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