VN12 (GCTWM) - A Cheaper Downgrade

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TL;DR: A VN12 equipped with the GCTWM turret.



In the 1990s, China was looking to replace their fleet of aging ZBD-86s. This would eventually lead to the PLA importing the BMP-3 turret in 1996 under license from Russia. After thorough testing, it was decided that the turret and its systems would serve as inspiration for their new IFV. The 100mm and 30mm cannons would be reverse engineered and fitted into an indigenously developed welded turret. This would eventually develop into the ZBD-04 and ZBD-04A, which enter service soon after. The standard ZBD-04 would also be entered into the export market under the name VN11, however, it would not receive much attention as the 100mm cannon would force usual customers to purchase a new type of ammunition. The VN11 was also in direct competition with the BMP-3, which was a proven platform. If someone was truly looking for a dual 100mm/30mm IFV, there would be no reason to pick the VN11 over the BMP-3. To address this, NORINCO would develop a more simple version of the VN11, which would be first publicly revealed in 2014 under the name of VN12. Instead of the dual-cannon setup and barrel-launched ATGMs found on the VN11, the VN12 would be equipped with the same turret as the ZBD-05, which sported a single-cannon setup with two externally mounted ATGMs. The hull would also be slightly redesigned and, while still amphibious, would be driven only by its tracks through the water. This vehicle is capable of equipped addition armor, which provides protection against 25mm AP rounds. The addition of this armor completely negates its amphibious capabilities. In 2016, a new variant of the VN12 was unveiled. This variant would swap the ZBD-05 turret for the Gun Combined Turret Weapon Module or GCTWM, the same turret that is mounted on the ZBD-86G. This turret is much smaller and cheaper. Unlike the original VN12, this variant would be equipped with the addon armor package upon its reveal, however, it can be removed if necessary. It is also worth noting that there are no pictures of this variant equipped with an ATGM, however, the GCTWM was designed with the intention of equipping a single ATGM on the turret roof. As of yet, no customers have shown interest in acquiring the VN12 in any form.

Place In War Thunder:

Autocannon-equipped IFVs have become a staple of War Thunder’s high tier experience. Every major nation has access to at least 2 of such vehicles and the majority of the minor nations have access to at least 1. Unfortunately, China is not one of those lucky minor nations, only having the ZBD-86, which is not blessed with automatic power. There are a number of vehicles that can fill this hole ranging from the ZBD-04 to the ZBD-86G. Both the standard VN12 and the VN12 (GCTWM) would fill this void very well, with the later serving as a less capable version at a lower BR. It features a very strong and familiar 30mm autocannon along with very strong and familiar ATGMs, which can even have tandem-warheads. On top of this, it is capable of equipping additional armor to protect itself against the autocannons of its contemporaries. The VN12 would be a very nice addition to either the tech tree or premium collection.


Armament: ZPZ02 30mm autocannon, 1x 7.62mm machine gun, (potentially) 1x HJ-73 ATGMs (HJ-73C and HJ-73D) (Note: This specific turret, the GCTWM, does have the option to mount an ATGM, however, I can find no pictures or any other evidence to suggest that any VN12 (GCTWM) was ever fitted with one. If you have/find such, please let me know.)

Dimensions: 7.50m, 3.30m, 2.95m (L,W,H)

Weight: 23000kg

Armor: The base armor is proof against small arms fire and artillery splinters and the addon armor is proof against 25mm AP.

Crew: 2-3

Ammunition: 30mm DTC10-30 APDS and HE

Speed: 70kph (land) and 3-4kph (water)

Horsepower: 600hp


Side View:


Traversing A Incline:


Next to the standard VN12:



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Below The Turret Ring: Chinese Armor at Zhuhai VN12 is a Chinese,it is a different design.

Such a smol turret on such a wide hull! +1 looks silly :D

We really do need a autocannon, other then the QN506 at top tier preferably in the tech tree +1