VK 45.02(P) - "Electric Königstiger"

Thank you for adding on. I couldn’t care less. Mainly since I know it won’t be added. However neato if it does. Very relaxed statement is what is my expression.

I mostly just wanted en excuse to show off the deisgn because i think its neat and would love to see a more historical accurate panther ii in the game at some point.


6.3 because the tiger E is at 6.0. It has worse hull armor than the other tiger 2s aswell.

I thought the chassis that were made were for the version with the rear mounted turret. Were chassis for both front mounts and rear mounts produced? +1 regardless because I really like this tank.


I would love to see rear turret version , it would add something very unique to german tech tree. Love it :)

Yes and please, its unique and would fill in german 6.7/7.0/7.3 now that we had tanks removed and the M48 moved up.

Yes please, +1 at tech tree 6.0 br as a big gun slow panther!

Armour and speed will not cut it for that br.

You mean this?

Would love to see both come to the game, the front mounted one at 6.3 and the the rear mounted one at 6.7

The germans were shit faced when designing their armoured vehicles. +1

Would rather see the historical turret design used on it (even if it wasnt built) but yes

Faster than a Tiger II, so its something. And the armor may not be fantastic, but its nothing to sneeze at. Lower profile may help as well. For sure better than bringing a panther up to 6.7/7.0. Thats the lineup I would have it in anyways, i would imagine this would be good at 6.3.

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Not nececarily, seeing this vehicle has less than 10 hp/t and lower top speed 35 compared to 42 of the King tiger P. But I am curious though, does it have the Porsche electric reverse speed?

Many specifics are unclear about the Tiger P2. But from what I can gather, the rear mounted version was simply a conceptual design. If any hulls were produced, they almost certainly were of the classical layout.


Can you help me create the VK3601 H suggestion?
I have gathered all the information possible in this link

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Ah, i allready made one for that.
(Armed with 105mm gun and wanted to suggest then the Waffe 0725 when and if it would be accepted as a suggestion.)
So i suppose you want to suggest the 0725 one?

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+1 just let us have fun more prototypes!!

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In fact, I only see two plausible weapon possibilities.
Or 0725 as you mentioned.

Or a version armed with the KwK 40