Actual Panther II

A potential vehicle suggestion/ vehicle in-game: Panther II

I think the panther II in a museum (sorry I forgot which museum) can be in game, the E-100 only had hull produced and still is in the game. So accordig to Gj logic, the vehicle can theoretically be in game.

Short story: Panther 2 hull made with plans to have a turret put on → Captured hull by Americans without a turret (If I remembered correctly) → museum piece with the Panther G turrret mounted on.

In-game: should be able to hold itself in a br of 6.3, giving Germany a medium tank between the Panthers and the Leopard.



Do you want it?
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Certainly not a 6.3, a maximum of 6.0 like any Panther, Give this tank as a reward in BP

6.7 as Pershing. Because Mobility fixed(900hp engine). Lolpen gun. Tought G panther mantlet. Side armor somewhat fixed. Better UFP. Have back speed.


It was not planned to use the Schmalturm, that turret design only showed up after the Panther II was abandoned.

The Panther II used it’s own turret.


I doubt that the irl Pantera 2 has a 900km (HL234) engine, these engines were developed, one 900km without turbo charging and the other with a turbo 1200km, none of them was in the tank before 1945, and these engines were rejected when designing the irl pantera 2, then the Pantera The 2 88mm in War Thunder has this engine, it doesn’t mean that the irl Panther was also supposed to get it, and the 2 75mm Panther is still a Panther with a 75mm gun which is good for 5.3-5.7, 120mm armor doesn’t do anything, everyone still pierces it, and the turret is from the G version which has weak armor, why would it have 6.7 it would be stupid, because apart from the armor this Panther is no different from the regular one

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Who can pen angled 120mm excluding glass cannons and early heatfs?

Playing with the Panther 2 88mm, when it was on 6.7 everything beat me from the is-2 all the way to the centurions, and on the 7.0 it’s even worse

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Is 2 cannot pen angled 120mm. They pierced flat shcmalturm

This is clearly a problem with the skill of the is-2 player

I’m not even sure if the reverse is better than the regular one, but I guess it should be similar to the tiger 2, after the unification of the drivetrain

So it have normal reverse and have armor better than pershing with lolpen gun. So why it must be lower than pershing?

And who said that the m26 is on a good br, he should get a br 5.7, and so are the panthers, these BR changes are stupid

I mean. I guess this thing could be introduced similarly to how they dealt with the ‘unhistorical’ German captured P-47D with the bubble canopy by adding the ‘real’ one and keeping both in the game without having to completely re-model and change the current Panther II in-game and potentially piss off all veteran and ‘The Old Guard’ players that managed to claim it before it was removed. But to be honest, I don’t really see the point of this being added. The U.S. reconstructed actual Panther II offers very few different changes other than being a Panther G with slightly better hull armour. If people want to extend the grind and fill a potential 6.3 gap to the Leopard 1 with an unfinished failed prototype that never was technically completed by its original designers. I’m all for it. I think maybe this thing would be better off as a premium or potential Battle Pass vehicle.


M26 to 5.7 would be a horrible idea, and I am saying that with it being one of my most played vehicles.

Either way the BR placement of the M26 is off-topic for this discussion.

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But better panther cant have same br as regular panther


People seem to dispute 6.7 or 6.0. I think 6.3 is good, better than panthers (at 6.0) but worse than panther II 8.8cm kwk (at 7.0)

It’s on 7.0 now

Why should the old br come back to make the new irl Panther 2 6.0, you have to look at the fact that the 75mm on the 6.7 would be weak and the same on the 6.3, the vehicles from BP and events should be a little better than what in the normal game, because you put a lot of time and money into getting it, it should be unique,I realize that lately there is a trend in wt for every vehicle to be the same as another, but it shouldn’t be like that, there have to be machines that are at least a little different.

Long 76mm somehow useful on 6.3 long 75mm will be too.

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