Visual discrepancies

For some reason, when I play war thunder, ground or air, I will maneuver or be driving, and when I get killed by shots, the tracer rounds of the enemy tank visually it hits a non-crew compartment, but shows it hits my crew, while in the air, the tracers will fly right by me by 3-6 meters, but register as a hit. Is this a Ping issue, a server issue, or a graphics issue?

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Yeah, I experience the same problem. Anti-aircraft gunfire often appears to be 3-4 meters behind me, and then suddenly, my tail or whatever gets hit. It feels like the tracers give a false sense of security half the time!

Really. The only thing they are good for is saying. " Hey, i see you " from the enemy. And if you follow the line to its origin you can just use the bomb sight to plop a bomb straight on their noggins.

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Most online games favor “shooter side” when deciding if shot should or should not hit. It is due to lag interpolation, desync and other bits.

At fundamental level client sends data to server that says shots should hit but due to desync server or your client might be just a tiny bit off. So server just goes “Whoops my bad, you hit him”.

That’s sucks, I shouldn’t have to suffer for someone else’s shitty ping.

Trust me alternative is far worse. If games would favor receivers perspective you will have situations where you see someone in the open but in reality he is already behind a wall.

It is the best solution game industry came up with after years of online gaming development.

It is desync. It happens sooo much with aircraft. I got my pilot killed by tracer fire 2 plane lengths behind me. I use wired 1gb cable connection and still have this issue.

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Yeah, I have 2 Gbps up and down on a fiber, hardwired connection, doesn’t really matter here I don’t think. Because in the end, it’s not YOUR speed near as much as it is the difference between your speed and the guy you are engaging. Been here 10+ years and there have always been some “alignment issues”. In planes, things like what you describe, and "how can he have shot me when he was never pointed anywhere near me or where I was going? Like, who you gonna believe, the game or your lying eyes?
In tanks you hear that “He shot me thru a rock!!! . . reeeeeeeeeee . . CHEATER!!”, when they may have thought they had cover behind a rock, but the guy shooting them could see them . . . or in the “game’s” view, they were hanging out in the open. And ghost shells . . and myriad of other things that baffle all of us from time to time. And the more & more stuff they keep adding to the game only seem to make it worse. Most other games I play in an environment of PvP like this one has, with people from all over, the game selects your server based on your ping and places you with others of similar type pings to insure a more level & balanced playing field. Yet here, ANY player from ANY place can select ANY server group(s) to do battle on. And yeah, I believe that it can make a difference in performance, in some case a VAST difference. Couple these things with how easy they have made it to kill stuff(meaning dying is also extremely easy) and you are gonna get a LOT of unhappy players.
With this “Severe Damage” mechanic, and the accompanying hit detection nerf or Hitbox reduction, Air combat now seems like just a RNG cartoon anymore. Tanks and naval have seemed that way to me for a long time anyway. You don’t know if, when or where your shots are going to land, and even when you do get hits, there is literally no telling what kind of damage will be done, if any. There has always been a pretty big disconnect between the player base & the Development team and the lack of communication from the Dev team only enhances that . . and not in a good way. I still love this game and have always thought the Devs have done an amazing job with it . . . for the most part. But this past year, it feels like they are losing what control they have had on how the game works, and it seems like ages since we have been given anything that has been enjoyable AND made the game better.
I’m old and it still amazes me that we can play live action games with others from almost anywhere in the world, to do what we are able to do is quite a feat, but . . . “it’s good enough” is only ok . . until it isn’t. . . but that’s just me

It washes out on average. Sometimes you get Gaijined, othertimes you Gaijin others.