Vilkas upgrade questions - market place


So I ground out the Vilkas CRV and decided to purchase the one thing in order to be able to sell it. I thought that I had to wait a period in order to sell the Vilkas but now the upgrade is saying that it will expire and that I can’t sell it. Can someone tell me what is happening now? Did Gaijin just scam me?

If you used the upgrade it just adds the option to sell the vehicle, it wont change you being able to consume the coupon or not.

What? So, how do I sell the Vilkas? I have won and sold many vehicles in the past and it has always been straight forward.

Using the upgrade will make the coupon like it used to be.

Well how do I use the coupon now? I don’t even see any option other than “Exchange to 100 (warbond)”

you have to click on the upgrade option on the vilkas coupon which will change the coupon to be able to be sold.

I can’t even see the Vilkas coupon anymore though. . And I don’t have the vehicle (I didn’t use it) because I was going to sell it. . . . . Where is the Vilkas hiding now

You might have waited to long to upgrade the Vilkas coupon.

I was going to do it immediately (like I used to) but it said that I couldn’t do it and I had to wait; so I waited. So what now, I lose both the vehicle and the upgrade that I paid for? So Gaijin literally just scammed me. . .

From what I know there shouldn’t be a time limit for the Vilkas coupon but gajin change a few things with the events so I couldn’t say.

If you haven’t activated it for your account it should be in your inactive items, along with the upgrade coupon, select Vilkas, use ‘modify’ to make it sellable and use your coupon.

Well it did show the Vilkas as a coupon when I finished the event, so I did have it and now it is just missing. I have sent an email to Gaijin about this and hopefully I get answers and a fix; although Gaijin does conduct themselves in a very legitimately criminal way so expectations for Gaijin to be of any help are very low.

Note for anyone wondering why I am claiming that Gaijin is a criminal entity: Consumer law is not equal in all countries. However, when you redistribute a product to a country (like Australia for example) you are agreeing to conduct business in accordance with the local legislation. If the local legislation does not align with how you want to conduct business, you are not to conduct business in that location which includes redistribution of products/services (premium content). Gaijin does not conform to Australian consumer law, which means that they are liable to prosecution for criminal conduct.

Thank you for your time and answers.

Yeah, the coupon for the Vilkas was there. But, now it isnt. And no, I have not activated it because I wanted to sell it (which is why I paid 999GE to purchase the one task I needed to get the upgrade). You can even see the Churchill still chilling there from when I won that (just haven’t felt the desire to use that Churchill yet).

This seems weird, I suppose it’s a case for support rather than forum.

Yes. I did send an email but because Gaijin doesn’t even slightly care about the people that play their game and provide their money flow, I am expecting Gaijin to simply say “to bad, so sad; go f@ck yourself”.