Vilkas best ifv in the game

Perfect after fooling the German mains into entering this post, I can say that I’m relatively happy that the Germans get the spikes, at least they can break the gaijin’s eggs to fix them so I can use them with Italian vehicles

“ironic” post please don’t lynch me


I can crush your hopes with just one word.



I assure you that they never gave them to the puma simply to use Italy as a crush test man, and then bring out a German vehicle with spikes, after an hour saying don’t worry, we have fixed them, here are your beautiful missiles

The worst thing is when you have first played through Germany and then Italy and now not only suffer from poor performance with Freccia, Lynx and AH-129D, but now also with Vilkas

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Maybe it’s just me, but from the test-drive missiles fly with even worse trajectory than on Lynx. Though the vehicle itself looks a bit better because of unmanned turret. Anyway I’ll sell it to German mains XD


I honestly think spikes are worse then keyboard guided missiles


I absolutely agree, however through experience even the key guided ones can become truly accurate.
instead the spikes cannot improve and are guided only by luck.

p.s. I’m also slowly reading up on how the spikes work and I’m afraid that the gaijin people have misinterpreted the spike targeting system.
unfortunately there are too many versions of this missile to be sure.

Honestly woukd be better if you could choose manual guided or f and f

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well they have their moments at very long ranges and with tanks that dont go directly towards or away from you

Overall I´m quiet happy about the state of the Vilkas Even tho there are many bug reports open atm the armor model is atleast better than Puma and can tanks some hits tho its still missing armor, the heat signature is too big and it seems that missiles or 120mm rounds can overpressure you when hitting the unmanned turret

some bug reports which might be interesting

Vilkas blowout panel removes hull ammo

IFV Vilkas having an inaccurate skin

Vilkas wrong cannon RPM

Vilkas armor inaccuracies after new Armor model

Vilkas missing spall liner

Samson Mk II on Vilkas has wrong vertical guidance limits

Vilkas Drivers hatch model is wrong

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Do they even play their own game?

Vilkas isn’t that bad if you have apfsds, but I have the problem that gaijins gives me only city maps

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