Vilkas Ammo Detonation

When the ammunition of the Vilkas is detonated all the ammo in the vehicle is destroyed, even the ones contained far away from the turret location, I am wondering why this happens and why it is modeled in such a way, it is detrimental to the vehicles playstyle and makes the strengths of the crewless turret moot.

I hope Gaijin will change it so I can enjoy the Vilkas more, otherwise it’s a good machine. Even with the lack of Spike missiles.

P.S. Gaijin please change the ammo burn out, it shouldn’t do damage to the crew if the turret is completely separated from the Crew, if is not then I understand the crew damage.

Here is an image of the Vilkas Internals


It fixed according to the data mine

That’s “over pressured”, Key difference between being over pressured and ammo detonation


Acknowledged a week ago, so a fix is underway

Yeah,this bug is so annoying and illogical lmao.
The 30mm is reloaded via boxes,not via a belt,therefore the 2 ammo boxes located under the tank are physically separated from the turret
Thankfully this bug is acknowledged and a fix is coming,but the Vilkas is far from being without bugs

Another one is the fact that the steering axle locks itself when you start reversing,so the steering is waaaay slow at the start and then snaps and becomes normal at the end

I don’t think that a 8×8 AWD wheeled IFV with 4 front steerable wheels steers like a brake-locked FWD


Good to hear, I have trouble navigating the Forums and couldn’t find a post related to this topic

Definitely not fixed, just lost all 3 ammo boxes at once in a battle…

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