Vikhrs is able to track moving Helicopter Hellfire is not

How do I purchase AGM-114Ls


Speed and direction have zero effect on Vihkr missile but with Hellfire tracking fails even if the target is stationary depending on elevation / distance.

Why is there this disparity?

One major reason is that the hellfire’s motor stops shortly after launch while the vihkr’s motor burns the whole time


The motor of the vihkr burners the whole time so it helps it to adjust during the flight while maintaining energy. The hellfire will lose energy with every adjustment

hellfire version L is not in the game yet as far as i know.
i am uncertain.
But i think Vihkr burns its motor the entire way giving it a more consistent speed and thus can turn just as sharp the entire way. whilst the hellfire K burns its fuel all at once when it gets fired thus slowing down further away making its turn rate worse over time.

I have a question, don’t the Hellfires have a shoot-and-forget feature? I’ve been testing them and I have to be aiming at the target at all times.

It is not

As far as I know, they have an almost FnF approach.
They need laser at the moment of firing to designate the target then you can turn off the laser during its flight time. Once the missile is about to reach the target you need to switch on the laser again for the last 3 seconds before impact.

This technically allows you not to alert your target as much as a continuous beam and it allows you to fire, move back into cover and then come out of cover just when the target is about to be hit.

Unfortunately you need a very stable connection to the server to do this since lag, in my experience, always made the missile miss the target.

It does burn the whole time, but by about 9km it stops providing so much thrust and the missile gets really unstable.
Still a whole lot better than hellfires

But shouldn’t it be, mark with laser, launch the hellfire and go somewhere else or shoot another enemy? since they are fire and forget.

Sorry to say this, but it does not work like that in game. Well mostly. You need to turn laser on at least 5 second before impact, as iog is completly wrong. Instead of guiding 114 to the place last marked by laser, it makes it go in a straight line. So for example if you turned laser off during missile climb stage, the missile will keep climbing. It annoys me as hell

They are fire and forget in the sense they keep moving at the marked position, if the target moves it doesnt track the target vut keeps flying at the last marked Position

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The only Hellfire that is truly FnF is the 114L, which is not in the game. Every other variant is semi-active laser guided.

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Well the 114L just would be to strong, ignoring cover and smokes grenades

It would be very strong indeed, however my point was just that the other person is incorrect in the assessment that the non-L variants are FnF, they just have an autopilot.

If only it worked like that in game

It depends. Ignoring cover is a wide statement. After all a house will stop it no matter what. And it depends on how will smoke granades work. Currently in game we have visual only, but special smokes can also disrupt radar waves, making l useless