Viggen is slower than a mig 29 even in longer terms

So Viggen Irl was able to go at 1.30 mach (airframe allowed it) with full load at sea level in game it barelly reaches it, why? the viggen was one of the fastest interceptors in its time so idk why ingame its that poorly the viggen is known for its low speed acceleration but over 1000km/h it kicks in and can push its limit easily, and to be fair viggen got a extra compressor for the engine which means viggens performance at higher alt close 1.2-1.3x a mig29, it was able to reach mach 1-1.7 mach very fast some sources claim it, and thrust increases lineary above 10000 feet so idk guys what you think share your opinions

my opinion? well a 15 years more modern Aircraft like the MiG-29 is obviously going to have an advantage

yes of course but in fact the viggen was able to have twice the thrust than a mig29 is some cases and accelerate much better but in game its modelled as not a building up good thrust but consistent bad thrust i mean viggen s acceleration is not that much adaptive as it have to be it should accelerate less than a mig29 as example at low speeds but at higher speeds it have to exceed mig’s acceleration just because of the 2 compressors that can push twice air to the engine but in fact mig29 is a newer aircraft

The airframe limit (VNE) does not necessarily mean that is as fast as the a/c can go in straight and level flight. Often the limit can only be reached in a dive.

Also where did you get the figure of 1.3 fully loaded?

This paper says 1.1 at sea level with 4 AA missiles…

There are documents about the airframe they tested it in factory and on paper it can hold 1550km/h ias the engine can sustain that speed without stalling the compressor with continous acceperation but they didnt went that fast on sea level in exercise but on paper its able to reach that speed and mentain it atleast the D-variant which got the stronger engine (not implemented in the game) so lets wait for the gripen it should come this time

And its not even a problem if it can reach that speed in dive without breaking into pieces but it breaks ingame sadly even tho it can survive such a high IAS IRL it would be fun to go 150-1600 at sea level and diving on enemies as “Viggen” aka lightning

Doesnt the viggen currently lack about 30% thrust or something?

Got anything to back up the D having a better engine?

It have the same engine with better compressors and some parts replaced so it produces a slightly better thrust at lower and higher altitudes its basically not rly need any mention its just a bit better than the original

In fact the viggen got almost 1.5x thrust than a mig29 and lighter double engine not mean more thrust it mean better acceleration and a better sustain but viggen with afterburner shurely outaccelerates a mig even in 30 degree climb because viggen got a very a rly very big engine and a big intakes and got 2 compressors instead of 1 not like any
other single engine fighter jet on the world, and because engine is a nuclear reactor basically at very high alts can stall the compressor even going mach 2+ which cause the engine to stop but at lower alts viggen supposed to be a airsuperiority interceptor which you cant outrun because viggen is gonna be in your ass like a BMW driver very quickly. Its supposed to be the 2. Fastest fighter in the game on the deck after f111