Vidir should not be 7.7

Who in their right mind thought that this thing should be 7.7? Gen 3 thermals and a laser rangefinder where nothing else exists like that at its br. Honestly its appalling that Gaijin thought that it would be good here, put it a 8.3 at a minimum or 8.7.


Than who is gonna spend money on it? Lets first whales buy it after couple weeks, raise the br to 8,3. Win-win.

Haven’t seen it in game yet, but it’s still relying on 155mm HE to do damage. Despite the high velocity in comparison to other howitzers, you’re going to need exceptionally careful aim to deal with anything remotely heavy. Which you’re going to see a lot of at 7.7. ISs, T-32s, Mauses, hell, even MBTs like T-54s, M-60s and the dozens of variants of each are going to be trouble. You’ll need to aim for the hull or turret roof, while they can just point and click you anywhere. The LRF helps, but not against moving targets, and not against stabilized ones either, which you’ll be constantly seeing in uptiers. Gen 3 thermals are nice, but without a high velocity gun or lolpen rounds, it’s not that useful when sniping.

I expect the VIDAR to be exceptionally good against lightly armored snipers and flankers which you can catch out in the open at range, but much less useful against the standard MBTs and heavies running around at 7.7.


then just play at 7.3 bro, its fucking broken rn I mainly play at 7.3 btw for France.

Of course the French at that tier are going to struggle with it, being all super lightly armored, although I expect the Foch is going to have fun with it. But try playing one of the nations that actually counter it (America, Israel, USSR, China, UK) and you’ll have a much better time. As with all situational premiums, I expect the numbers will start to die down before long. Right now, people are just spamming it because it’s a new and novel addition, but the lack of a lineup and poor performance against a lot of what it’s going to end up fighting is probably going to drive the number of them back down. That should return the French to a much more playable state.

It’s honestly fine where it is.

It has a good gun, good HE rounds, an LR, thermals and good mobility. And that’s where it stops.

First off - you are a huge target and also a CAS magnet. Secondly HE does HE things and will sometimes not even damage a tank. No gun depression really so it’s very hard to use on hilly maps. It also has poor turret traverse speed and gets a lil wonky if you try to rotate your hull with it. Most shots take out your gunner or breech. It’s LOUD as hell. You also are forced to play city maps which is a real struggle. The laser range finder will not always work and cause you to go to max range shooting your gun up into the air. Or sometimes won’t be accurate at all.

It’s a very good tank and as it sits right now it’s fine where it’s at.

The people that are doing super well in it are just very lucky they had the team to be able to do well with. Same way my AVRE works.

Worst take I’ve ever seen in my life. Vidar is so unbalanced it’s not even funny. It over pressures every 7.7 heavy tank regardless of where they are hit. The map Poland is terrible with the Vidar it is just a Vidar that moves two feet out of spawn cross mapping anyone leaving the opposite spawn. You clearly ain’t play 7.7 to say this.


It over pressures the m103 easily. Armor is not a problem for it. Super broken.

I literally hit a marder side on and it didn’t delete him from existence. I have smacked many M series tanks in the sides or turret and had it do nothing.

And I’ve got plenty of clips to show of it. Also cross mapping is a problem all the time thanks to gajibbles bad map design.

U bought, u just don’t want it up tier like it should be. Honestly not killing a marder with that is just skill issue. My m48 heat-Fs round claps marders but can’t remotely kill the Vidar. At best I might kill the gunner. Ammo can get hit and won’t detonate. BS tank.


I don’t care if it goes up in BR.

But it’s not a magic machine by any stretch.

The M103 is uniquely vulnerable to high caliber HE due to the incredibly weak hull roof armor that extends a large way around the frontal arc of the tank. Any 152/155mm gun can kill it with any shot on the lower section of the turret. However, the upper portion of the turret and the entire hull is immune. So it’s incorrect to say it can just lolpen it.

Try something like the T32E1 or the ISs, where you need very precise shots to do damage. Even common MBTs require the same level of precision as the M103, anything M60/Centurion/T-54 based will require a shot into the lower half of the turret to do damage. Sure hope they aren’t moving at medium range, making said shot fairly challenging.

It is surprising how large the damage radius is though, in comparision to other 155mm howitzers. They apparently managed to squeeze nearly 1/3rd more explosive mass into a shell that flies substantially faster than M107. I can find no references to the round in question, nor any sources as to why a Korean gun in Norwegian service would be using (assumably French) ammo. Regardless, the damage radius might get toned down a tad.

In reality if Gaijin actually modeled HE correctly it would shatter armor when it hit.

The lower tier heavy tanks are actually probably the most challenging because they can take hits from HE. But even trying to shoot the M103 on top of the roof it’s bounced a lot of shells.

It’s never the same as the AVRE. The problem of other HE slingers and why they’re so inconsistence is that they’re inaccurate so you can’t hit specific spots on tanks except at close range. The shell velocities are often low so leading is also difficult.

The LR on the VIDAR makes it almost pin point accurate and the shell velocity is over 900m/s plus it has thermals. If you hit the front plate of a heavy tank or the side skirt of even a light tank with HE then it’s skill issue, you’re just not aiming at the right target. If you hit anything on the lower 1/2 of the turret it dies because no tanks have hull roof thicker than 60mm. It can shoot down planes and helicopters with the VT shell as well.

It should be 8.3 or 8.7, no questions asked.


It’s gen 2 thermals I believe, but I do agree.

We’ll have to wait for balance changed mid-patch, but I believe it can comfortably sit around 8.7 or even 9.3 since I watched 4 in an 11.3 match completely dominate everything there.

Definitely a bit low in Br

I’ve had the shell do weird stuff on me. Most of the time though I only do about 4 kill games because of the small matches and also just horrid teams.

It wont go up in BR because if you actually look at how most games go most VIDAR players are usually hovering around 4 kills a match or so and losing. And gaijin only balances on stats.

This was a downtier and it was nothing special - the other vidar player did about the same and so did the BKan 1C players.

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as an example:
British Sho’t Kal Dalet tank was on BR 8.3,when it got the thermal it went up to 8.7 and currently it is 9.0.
I don’t understand what the Vidal with the features is doing on a BR of 7.7, 8.3 would be the appropriate BR for this tank, especially on big wide maps it is too powerful!

What a surprise to absolutely no one except Gaijin, or maybe not even them if they intentionally undertier yet another premium to boost sales.

the wiesel with 50mm pen is 7.3, so i guess this thing is fine at 7.7 … imao