Video Evidence of Russian Bias. Experiment video for my other post. Please watch

T80BVM vs DM53
T80BVM 52% survival rate against ammo/center of mass shot

Leopard 2A6 vs 3BM60
Leopard 9% survival rate against ammo, 20% against center of mass shot

Russian Bias


Keep up the good work, honesty is going to help expose this game for the truth so new players will understand what they are dealing with.


Thanks! When I have time, I’ll probably do another test with better parameters and decal for target signs on tanks

β€œRussian bias is when a single top tier tank is a buggy mess”

A little ERA goes a long way

and when its faction has 65 winrate while others have 45

Yet Gaijin deny this. When you are against a Russian team you know they are more likely to win than not (certainly in the air).

  1. That is not how math works, and 2. That is only one specific BR in the game.

I think its less Russian bias, and more Gaijin incompetence.

Also the winrates are hit hard because half of all NATO teams at 11.3/11.7 are squadron tanks/premiums.

Yea the one flaw on the best russian tank, the turret ejection system, is happily not working on coincidence because its bugged, for over a year??

its not even aknowledged by devs that its a bug its probably intentional design