Video Competition

Dear Players!

It has been a while since we last had a video contest here on Live.WT. And we’ve decided to bring it back this year with a little spin. There are two categories for you to enter: Action and Educational. You may take part in both but with only one video per category.

For Action you can create a short movie or a kill montage. (requirements are: no ingame HUD and max 5 min long)

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For educational you can show us your favorite shooting / ambush position on the map, how to use air to ground missiles with the right controls or how to do the cobra maneuver. (requirements are: HUD and keyboard keys / mouse / joystick used and max 10 min long)


  • The deadline for this contest is May 26th, 2024, 12:00 GMT.
  • There are 2 category for this contest: Educational or Action
  • Add a title to your submission when you post it.
  • Post it on live.warthunder with the hashtag " #2024VideoContest "
  • Your submission must be created solely for this contest - Previous submissions and submissions that have been posted before this contest will not be accepted!
  • One (1) Submission per user and category (total of 2).
  • You must be the sole author of your work - Do not copy or steal the work of others! (Proof of Ownership may be required)
  • The submission must not violate moral, ethical or legal norms or the Live:WT Rules, Forum Rules, Game Rules or the User Agreement.
  • This contest may be canceled at any time, amended and/or the rules may change.
  • The contest organizers reserve the right to alter these conditions at any time.

Prizes per category:

  • 1st Place: 5000 GE
  • 2nd Place: 4000 GE
  • 3rd Place: 3000 GE
  • 4th Place: 2000 GE
  • 5th Place: 1000 GE