Video Competition - winners!

Dear players and video artists!

After reviewing the entries of our newest video competition, we are now happy to announce the winners of our two categories action and education! As always, a lot of effort has been put into the content that was created. Every single one of you should be proud for your contribution. We had a lot of fun watching all your entries.

Winners for Action category!

1st Place: 5000 GE : NotoTomatoes

2nd Place: 4000 GE : Haechi

3rd Place: 3000 GE : Leifdoe

4th Place: 2000 GE : Slavianic

5th Place: 1000 GE : Miljoonasade

Winners for Educational category!

1st Place: 5000 GE : Hylian_Knights

2nd Place: 4000 GE : BOB_DlCKINSON


first off i wanted to thank each and every single one of you guys for helping us and giving us the opportunity to make these amazing Videos.

Honestly i really loved and enjoyed the competition, honestly you guys are incredible.

and congrats to the winners! :D

now… how do i uhhh… claim the reward :>

Rewards should be allocated within 2 working weeks of winners being announced :)


ah thank you so much!