VIDAR need to be 9.7 at least!

Laser range finder , gen 3 thermal , 6s reload can one shot everything at 8.0 fighting again some early cold war piece of metal that doesn’t have proper turret rotation speed. This is pure P2W.


I guess these features mean something in Realistic battles.
But as an Arcade player, I am struggling to understand why the Vidar would it be any higher than the recently added M109. Gaijin, make it BR 6.3 or no sales for Arcade.

Considering what the worst HE slingers in the game can do, VIDAR is clearly good enough for 10.7


Yeah right, VIDAR needs to be the first 12.0 ground vehicle in the game lmao.

not sure if sarcasm or not but vidar on 8.0 is cheating xD

Anyways I’m using mine rn to grind the swedish tree and popping russian tanks open like tin cans is so satisfying

9.3 or ,9.7 would not harm it tbh

Definitely deserves 8.7+ minimum

I think 9.0 is more than plenty for VIDAR.

Those things pop open with anything you throw at them haha.

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or 9.0 for the start( i mean it still might be to low) but i mean most premiums are 1 br under the rating they should be :D

nah had some weird moments here and there t55am cupola eating 3 he and nothing, next t55 1 shot etc :D

I will get eaten probably, but i think if it has to change, it should be 8.3-8.7 nothing more. Sure Gen 2 thermals with LRF are good, but you are a giant, easy to kill target. You are a CAS magnet, and at higher br you will lose your advantages. Slow turret rotation, no stabiliser. And elephant in the room, HE is inconsisten, unlike kinetic rounds. 9.0 is too high for it, not talking about 9.7. Sure you can make it work at 11.7, but would you want it there? No. I mean as a player. If you are a hater it could be 17.0 for you and you wouldnt care.


No. Get good.

I don’t think VIDAR should go above 9.0 in the current state of the game.
Right now it feels strong because it will very often go against things without stabilization and LRF, with bad reaction times as well, which in the end makes VIDAR look stronger than it really is.

At 8.7 or 9.0 most things will have stabilization and LRF, while also being much more mobile than vehicles at 7.0 - 8.0.
I’m sure they would do just fine at countering VIDAR.

Haven’t been using HE much, was talking mainly about other types of ammo. Ruskis have little to no armor until T-72A, so if you have a dart at ~8.7, they are more or less just food for others.

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I agree with you, people are overreacting by a lot when it comes to VIDAR.
It should be at a BR where stuff like stabilization and LRF are common, so just as you said, 8.3 or 8.7 would be fine.

"Easy to kill target " sure you never encounter a VIDAR before. Tank rounds just disappear , i tries HEATFS , HESH , HE , and APCBC and nothing can oneshot the VIDAR. And at BR 8.0 most of the tanks still need to range your shot , VIDAR take 1 sec to do so. Clearly P2W advantage

I got the T-72M1 yesterday, took me 4 days from 4.0 Pvkv.
At full uptier 9.3-10.3 VIDAR still slap, i even managed to get some heli kills at range of 3km

First of all i did, sedond of all i did not had that many problems. While looking at it from the front, shoot its left side of the turret higher. It should detonate the ammo.

It will never detonate the ammunition , every one know the back section was the ammo rack. I tries it many time , none of the round i tries manage to detonate the ammo rack . There are 3 possibilities for encounter full crew vidar head on.

  1. You shot in the right side of the turret: kill gunner + 1 loader : the vidar escape
    2.You shot in the left side of the turret: kill commander + 1 loader : the vidar shoot you in the face
    3.You shoot in the hull : Engine block the shot , vidar shoot you in the face
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I do not have problems detonating the ammo. You can also aim for the gun or charges if the left half of the hull is shown, but it needs to be direct.

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