VIDAR is insanely cringe at 7.7

VIDAR at 7.7 is insanely cringe and i have no clue who’s dumb idea it was to put the OP gun at 7.7 with thermal imagery,badly modeled armour thats acting like a spaced armor on MBT.
Try to play against VIDAR spammers at long range maps. Either separate the TECH TREE into WW2 and Cold Era or put the cringy vidars and other BS with thermals and other Pay2Win stuff at higher BR
4000 hours into this game and this is not the first time something like this is happening,same happend back in the day when you added object 120


Must be Swedish bias, comrade.

brb, buying the VIDAR


Consider using APCBC, you don’t even need to aim it and anything with less than 250mm of armor gets nuked

My friend in fact does use APCBC and shell just vanishes into armor. In case you do not believe,he can upload the video to youtube so you can see for yourself. Meanwhile i literally penned Leopard 2 and killed him with my machine gun…

P2W’s : " DONT MOVE IT UP! We uSed oUR WaLleTs tO pAy To WiN, so it is unfair to move it up. Learn to cope and stop crying."

But I guess majority rules, most people are free to play and can agree the VIDAR is cringe af, so it needs to move up.


what makes the VIDAR OP is that you almost never one-shot it. It’s armor doesn’t spall at all, it’s large with plenty of empty spaces, it has a lot of crew (5) that are dispersed, and most important of all it’s ammo DOES NOT DETONATE! Your level of skill doesn’t matter when the VIDAR almost always have a chance to shoot back at you with laser guided accuracy.

I’ve once shot at the same VIDAR 4 times with 120mm HEAT (From the M103 ~ 2.7kg of TNT) without detonating the ammo. Even ATGMs and HESH won’t one-shot it most of the time. You need a strong APHE or >150mm HE to one-shot it 50% of the time.


This is true. Ammo does not explode at all,i shot the HEATFS at Vidars multiple times and ammo would just go yellow… Meanwhile Vidars one shot anything they touch.

In my opinion, Vidar is not just Op. Its like- lets make 7.7 /- 1 BR unplayable. Heatfs/Apds through ammo- np just yellow or disappear. Laser Rangefinder and Thermal ist not op at 7.7 (due to fact that IKV has it earlier and its not a problem for devs). Why G6 has no even normal rangefinder? Because its at 7.0 and ist in tree. I know that game must generate income, but sory if u add new tech and mix it with early cold war (T-54, Centurion, Conqueror, M46) and it can spot vehicles nearly 80 years older (tiger 2, jagaddtiger, IS3,) it is not a joke.- it is a big puke right into balans. Gj Gajin, mage more like that:
what next?
RSD-10 at 3.7 USSR?

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Weird behavior from a non-Russian tank.

@Smin1080p when is the Vidar going to be moved to its real BR range?

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defenetlly not someon who plays WT

@Stona_WT the Vidar remains placed at a tier lower than its real value when is this going to be changed?

stona wont answer you

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@Stona_WT @Smin1080p another match where this tank is fighting tanks without laser range finders without stabilizers without IR without the mobility.

Is the sickness of Gaijin’s greed so powerful?

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I was thinkin of making 6.7 lineup, but thanks to that tank(seen it at arcade&streams) mby i just skip whole 6.7 until vidar is moved >:)

Don’t worry it will go to 8.7 when sales start dropping.

I play Arcade and I am not sure this behemoth is viable even at 7.7.
And if Gaijin raises its BR above 7.7 in Arcade, I will definitely never buy it at all.

The Warrior sits at 8.3 because it has thermals and lrf. Despite a horrific 80 rpm autocannon and 185m/s atgms that are entirely outdated. Now the VIDAR gets 7.7 with the same equipment, a more lethal gun, faster, and more durable. How the hell is this balanced?

Its moving up to 8.0 with the latest BR changes. Still not enough IMO but its a start