Vickers Marksman SPAAG

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Hi everyone, today i would like to suggest an SPAAG for the british tree, using a familiar weapons system, the vickers marksman SPAAG. The name of the tank basically says it all, a marksman turret system mounted upon a Vickers Mk.3 chassic, finally giving Britain a direct equivilent to things like the gepard and the type 87. The reason i suggest this is firstly the Cheiftan marksman lacks mobility to keep up with team mates, where as the more mobile ZA-35 lacks the APDS belts in exchange for mobility. The Vickers marksman offers the best of both worlds as it posesses higher mobility than the Chieftan (33mph) well also retaining the APDS rounds that the more mobile ZA-35 is lacking.


The Marksman turret was developed by British Firm Marconi Electronic Systems, with the initial development of the system starting in 1983. The first prototype was completed in 1984 and mounted on a Vickers Mk3 hull. And that is basically it, its just a vickers mk.3 hull with a marksman turrent mounted on it, nothing too fancy.

Historical Photos:



The weapon system should be well familiar to anyone who has dabbled in the 8.0 aa systems in game, as it is the at this point venerable 2 x 35-mm Swiss Oerlikon autocannons. These guns would be equipt with the same ammunition loadouts currently found in game, such as those present on the gepard, type 87 and Chieftan marksman. The Turrets perfomance should be identical to the marksman currently in game, offering a nearly 90 degree a second turret traverse in addition to the statistics provided in the second chart.



In regards to the tank’s stats, it should offer the following statistics:

Armour front / side / back

Hull 80 / 30 / 20

Turret 30 / 20 / 20

Speed forward / back
50 / 12 km/h

Number of gears 6 forward/2 back
Weight 38.7 t

Engine power 720hp

Power-to-weight ratio 18.6 hp/t


Ironically might be better than the Chieftain variant, simply due to far better mobility.

The sad thing is the cheif marksman was arguably the worst variant they could have added, and i am pretty sure it was because it was the only one with a readily avalible set of photos back in the day

+1, maybe as a replacement to the Chieftain one. Then if we wish for one with better protection, there is always the Challenger Marksman

Should it replace the Cheiftain marksman… I think yes, seeing as it’s mobility is its biggest hindrance when trying to get to a decent firing position, you’d be stupid to stay in spawn, the sooner you can leave the better chance you have of avoiding CAS looking for an easy target, having additional hull armour isn’t helpful especially when the turret is the size of a billboard and also made of paper.

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-1, we already basically have 2 marksman platforms and we don’t need a third

It could be foldered with the other Marksman so you are not forced to research it

or give it either no APDS rounds only using only APHE rounds or making the existing Chieftain Marksman give full APDS rounds