VEXTRA 105 - Still not EXTRAordinary

Should VEXTRA 105 get access to OFL 105 F2 (490mm), even at the cost of going 10.0/10.3 ?
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The long-awaited VEXTRA 105 has finally been made part of the French ground arsenal in War Thunder with the help of the latest “Seek & Destroy” major update. This top-of-the-line technology demonstrator is set to change things up quite a bit for France at the top rank. However, despite developers having tackled most of the original concerns through community feedback, several critical issues remain unresolved.

Our excitement and anticipation about the VEXTRA 105:

Before diving into specifics, I want to convey to the Developers that we are all very excited about the VEXTRA 105’s inclusion in this update. We are also very thankful for fixing most of the historical inaccuracies so far. France finally getting top-tier Light Tanks is a significant development, and starting this trend with the VEXTRA 105 is simply amazing. The modelling of the vehicle is masterfully done as always, especially the camo net.

Our disappointment and need for historical accuracy.

However, from what I have gathered, most of France’s player base is disappointed by the VEXTRA 105 in its current form and many would like to see it be more historically accurate. Penetration is especially concerning: a light tank cannot be put at 9.7 with barely 361mm of penetration. We are this close to greatness, and France’s community is hoping to get these last problems fixed. Now let’s explore the issues.


The last issues affecting the VEXTRA 105:

Although we appreciate the efforts made by the Devs towards making the VEXTRA 105 a better light tank, much improvement has yet to be made to its performance and historical representation.

→ Penetration : The most pressing issue here is access to the OFL 105 F2 round.

… Which the VEXTRA 105 should have access to since it uses the GIAT G2 105mm canon, which was made to fire OFL 105 F2.

This round has about 489 mm of penetration, which would put the VEXTRA in line with other light tanks of that BR, such as the ZTL-11 (also 9.7) that uses a 491mm APFSDS round for example.

Right now, the vehicle is armed with the OFL 105 F1, at a mere 361 mm of penetration—putting it in a very rough spot within its BR bracket. 361mm is incredibly anaemic and lacking for that BR bracket.

Besides penetration, VEXTRA 105 is currently superior compared to its counterparts. Meaning it is currently held back by an anaemic round. I believe everyone would agree that it would be better if the VEXTRA 105 gets OFL 105 F2 at the cost of going to 10.0 or 10.3.

However, the VEXTRA 105 should never go above 10.3 as it would put it at a BR bracket where France has no other vehicles (there are currently no vehicles in France’s tech tree between 9.7 and 11.7). We don’t want the VEXTRA to drag France’s entire 9.3-9.7 line-up in 11.7 matches.

→ Acceleration: Poor, still. Currently, it can reach 30 km/h in 3.80 seconds when it is supposed to get that in 3.4 seconds. The difference is 11.8%, and that surely means a lot of impact on vehicle mobility in the game.

→ Armor Thickness: The armor was made to deal with shots coming at it from AP rounds, going up to 14.5mm, but now all it can manage to stop is 12.7mm AP shots.

Vote !

We look forward to those issues being addressed by the developers to ensure this vehicle is historically accurate. Make yourselves heard through the poll of this thread. The input from the community has already led to some significant improvements, and continuous feedback is just crucial for the fine-tuning of this vehicle.
Once again, please thank @Bossman919 for putting an (V)EXTRAordinary amount of work into fixing this vehicle.


The VEXTRA 105 is going to be a gem for War Thunder’s French ground forces, but it still needs a little bit of fine-tuning for this to happen. We are thankful for the continued work by the developers and sincerely hope they consider all the remaining issues to provide an experience that is not only accurate but also pleasant for all players. Let’s continue giving feedback and work together to make the VEXTRA 105 a brilliant vehicle for the future.

Getting an historically accurate VEXTRA 105 will pave the way for future light tanks addition for France, such as the VEXTRA POLE (120mm), which I am personally looking forward to see into War Thunder.


Good tanking - I’ll see you on the battlefield, hopefully in a fixed VEXTRA 105.


You really want that? 9.7 is such a favorable matchmaking bracket…



We need a 10.3 light tank that we can use with Super Etendard or Leclerc Family.


It’s rather ironic:

Devs: “We promise to add new vehicles between 9.7 - 11.7”
Us: “Let us help with that” proceeds to bug report Vextra
Devs: “Well actually…”

Anyway, I don’t see it mentioned but the gunner sight should have a 3rd generation thermal imager.

Also, the transmission has been modelled haphazardly by the devs. Were it modelled accurately it could theoretically go 0-30kph in 2.05 seconds.

I just don’t see this staying at 9.7 even as is. And it’s not as if France has a very good 9.7 line-up especially now that all the CAS has been moved to 10.3…


No its not, it gets sucked to 10.3-10.7 br constantly.


Giving it the 105 F2 is far more preferable than for Gaijin to try and force the Vextra to fit their initial view of how they thought it would perform. They never imagined that Vextra could have been a complete 10.0+ material vehicle, and so now gimping it is the only way they can force it to stay at a BR where they don’t have to add more vehicles at certain BRs, which is ugly and doesn’t feel natural at all.

Move it up to 10.0+, move it to rank 7 if necessary, give it the OFL 105 F2 round, and then add MORE vehicles to expand lineups at all battle ratings instead of contorting the Vextra like a balloon animal in order to fit their idea of what battle rating it should be.


Yes, move it up to 10.3 if need be, and then add more 10.3 vehicles, more 8.7 vehicles to fill the gap, and more 9.7 vehicles. Moving up the Vextra creates more pressure on Gaijin to give France more ground vehicles to fill line-ups at more BRs.


yes if there is something with it such as the leclerc prototype or the VBCI 2
but knowing Gaijin it will probably be a leo sadly.


While we are at it, both the VEXTRA and the AMX-40 should go up to rank 7, just like Leo 2K and TAM 2C


That’s what they’re afraid of, no rank 6 vehicle is above the BR of 9.7. If they move it above 9.7, then they have to increase its rank.

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if they fix the amx 40 yes
but they won’t
in fact all tanks after 8.7 aren’t modeled correctly that’s sad


There’s no guarantee for that. Literally zero.

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“France doesn’t have enough domestic vehicle at the BR between 9.7 and 11.7, don’t look at the Vextra”.

But yeah, sadly they’ll force French vehicles to stay down while trying to tell us there’s nothing else they can do and we’ll have to accept some Leos. Double speak.


I agree! I believe vehicles should always be depicted at their peak condition, and not with their capabilities undermined in order for them to fit into lower BRs.

That is, if said BR changes were needed on the first place; in Vextra’s case, I don’t think the new shell should even warrant a higher BR on the first place.


Of course there isn’t any guarantee that they’ll actually do so, and add more vehicles at the BRs where there aren’t enough lineups, that was why I was careful to specifically say that it creates more pressure. Not that Gaijin will add more vehicles.

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There might still be a few more changes for Vextra in the pipeline, and they might have to account for that it seems, otherwise we should have gotten the OFL 105 F2 like you said.

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I hope this thread is being monitored @Smin1080p


Still, I wonder why not just add OFL 105 F2 to the AMX-40 and move it to 10.3 as well?


Because Amx-40 uses 120mm cannon and it can only fire G1 round,iirc.

The thing is G1 penetration value is also not accurate, according to Bossman it should be close to 500mm, he was planning to make a bug report about Amx-40 protection values and G1 penetration.


Yeah Wareta corrected me on Discord…

Is that according to the Lanz-Odermatt formula? That’s what Gaijin uses to calculate penetration.

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