Vesseny , one of the most isolated towns ever

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What br range should this map be in?
  • Low tier (<3.7)
  • Mid tier (4.0 - 6.7)
  • High tier (7.0 - 9.7)
  • Top tier (9.0 + )
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Map size?
  • Small, focused only on the main town Vesseny
  • Big, include the outskirts so TD’s can be viable.
  • Massive, includes the hills even further from the outskirts.
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One day while mindlesslly looking on Google Maps, I have stumbled upon this place randomly, and I haven’t been seeing a lot of Soviet towns in game, so I am suggesting an almost forgotten one.



Vesseny or Vesseniy is an abandoned mining town located in very rural Russia in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region ( Весенний (Чукотский автономный округ)) . This village is one of if not the most isolated abandoned town in Russia, with the nearest village Ilirney ( Илирней) about 172 Km away. As of today, there are no direct road networks to get to Vesseny. As of 2002, the population of the town was 4, then 1 in 2011 and finally 0 in 2021, being officially inhabited and in the process of liquidation.

View of Vesseny

Vesseny view from west to east. At a true bearing of about 80 degrees to be precise:

Vesseny on satalite maps

Vesseny on map:

The last photo is from Yandex, top 3 from google.



The village was founded in 1965 in order to develop a deposit to mine the placers around the Baimki river. As the town grew, it expanded upward to the hill, causing problems with water supply. The village had a secondary school, a kindergarten, medical clinic, and post office. There were also service, communications and cultural centres. People could also visit the grocery store, canteen , department store, book store and savings bank. There were even 2 hotels for those odd visitors to the town! (I doubt they have any revenue lol)

At last there were some other farm related architecture and a runway to keep the town sustainable.

The mine was closed in 1998.

In-game + map details


This map will be an interesting mix of sniping around outskirts and brawling around the town. The town itself is set on a slight incline and has a unique playstyle to it as the buildings are spread quite far from each other. So cover is provided, but awareness is still needed due to gaps and holes between buildings.

There are 3 areas to the map which consists of the lower part of town, the upper buildings and the old small houses, each offering a different combat styles. If Gaijin wants to make this a big map, they can include the outskirts so tank destroyers can snipe into the town.

Blue = lower part of town

Green = Upper buildings

Orange = Old houses areas, one small one big

Gold = there to show the incline of town.

(I also have thought of swapping A and C points with the spawns, but I figured it would be unfair if one side has the high ground and cover from buildings.)



A view from the lower part of town

Between the big old houses area and the buildings

proceeded up a bit.

A view towards the north . Note the small old houses area to the right.

A view at the lower part of town from buildings area

Closer look at the big old houses area

A view of the Buildings area and a bit of the small old houses area towards the back right. This shot is facing south east east at around 120 degrees true bearing.

Shot including the lower town area , buildings area and big old houses areas.

Closer shot of the lower town area, facing north west

Shot of 80% of the town almost facing east.

All above screenshots taken and credited to

not sure specific place of photo, but the buildings look same

Current state of buildings

All pictures above are from Yandex



Google Maps

Весенний (Чукотский автономный округ) - Wikiwand

Весенний (Чукотский автономный округ) — Википедия

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Cool. We also need a chinese ground map, perhaps beijing or shanghai.

Yeah, there are quite a lot of towns interesting and rural areas which will suit the game well. I currently do not have time to compose a full suggestion though. Maybe you can suggest a map?

Here’s a list of maps that may be cool

  • Beijing, China
  • Coroico, bolivia
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  • Damascus, Syria
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