Very slow research


I have been playing several matches in AB. In one of them I got 3k research points, but only progressed my BTR-152D research by 152? I am grinding with 9.7-10.0 BR USSR vehicles and the same issue is replicated in US too. Am I doing something wrong?

The research of those vehicles is impossible and I can only progress with bonus researches.

Ground RB RP gain is very bad compared to air or naval, i grinded sweden out yesterday in about 1.5 year

You are using a low tier vehicle at high tier which is why you are getting less RP

its not rly the case i got 14 kills with strv 122 and got literally only 20k RP which is a joke

Rank difference research penalties|Rank difference|Research of high-ranked vehicles while using low-ranked vehicles|Research of low-ranked vehicles while using high-ranked vehicles|
| — | — | — |
|0|No penalty|No penalty|
|1|No penalty|-10%|

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the RP gain is very bad

Intentionally. Its how Gaijin keeps you playing.

I was able to fix this issue by removing the BTR from research and enable research for it again. After a match I got 3k research points of progress. It looks like War thunder ate all of my progress of this day.