Very clever history lesson Pages of History November

Grind all month and get to 7/8 tasks.
Then magically the final mission requires rank V tanks and Rank VII jets.
Don’t fret, you can buy the packs for $60 to have a required jet to complete the mission or pay 200 GE for final 8/8. Pick your poison. Bait out all that time investment, so someone wants to complete the task and might be willing to spend the money when cornered by short time frame.
Really clever…


You can see all the vehicles required at the start of the month.


Everything in WT is designed to get you to spend money. The meta-game is not letting the Snail get its pseudopod into your pocket.
The History Pages are probably the least grindy event in the game.


I thought they were just some genuine history angle to the game that offered a minor reward for harmless participation. All the missions up to the final one require mostly rank 2 planes or tanks. They didn’t put the rank 7 up front or in the middle. It is definitely a trick to spend some GE or dollar bills.

Every month usually has one or two high tier lists because they are from post-WWII battles. Its not really a trick, any more than anything else in the game. Those are for long term players, in fact most of the whining about the PoH I see are that they are all low tier.
If you haven’t gotten down far enough into the tree to qualify, and you really want that sticker, a few hundred GE isn’t too much to ask.
They are very good for giving you a goal to grind too instead of just aimless play.

No, it’s the fact that it’s a sale’s trick rather than a genuine historical sim/lesson.


Welcome to War Thunder.

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Oh ok thanks for stopping by, Mr. Employee.

The whole game is a sales trick. You can’t see the wood for the trees.

Do you still believe in a free lunch?

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They throw us a bone at the anniversaries, but with all the in game currencies, you’d think they could toss in something as minor as a portrait without rubbing their hands together. I mean in the interest of history… They’ve got an amazing product that speaks for itself. They don’t need this kind of gimmick.

Seems simple enough then to have two events, one for low/mid and one for high. Get credit for both for doing high.

In many cultures, free things are not valued highly.
As they do have many free portraits, yet you want this one, it seems that this rule applies here too.

I’m not talking about free. I’m talking about reasonable challenges that inspire playing. On top of this, they throw in a potential pay off for themselves which ruins the genuine challenge.

From what I read, that worked.

They are not the salvation army. Someone has to pay for the hamster’s food. And this is the best way I can think of, with no trace of p2w.

Tell that to the player that gets demoralized by these little scams and quits playing for long periods of time.

I don’t care about that player. He would probably ODL anyway, as he’d feel scammed by the weather, the sun, the matchmaker, the hit detection, the cheaters, the LVL100s, the ping, the PL, the russian bias… did I forget anything? Oh yes, the map design.

Now you’re just being ridiculous. I discovered the scam, and you’re defending it for no reason.

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Nobody is forcing you to do anything. The requirements are very clearly stated at the start of the month, hardly a scam. Grind it, or don’t.

You need to learn the fact that words have meanings and not whatever meaning fits your feelings at any given moment.

Nice way of saying nothing at all.

@_tmm Name one game where devs literally (not figuratively) hold a gun to your head and force you to give them money.