Vehicles nerfed by devs should be compensated

I was playing the T32E1 tonight and it was an especially rough night. Nothing but up tiers, fighting vehicles that are blatantly superior in multiple ways, and I just kept thinking why do the devs leave this thing in its current state. Sure, the armor is more or less accurately modeled but what good is armor fighting tanks with laser range finders, HEATFS or APFSDS? The issue with the T32E1 at is BR is the firepower is mediocre, and the devs have made it that way. Why? Countless bug reports have been ignored. Yes, ignored. You can’t tell me after nearly a decade of the US tree being in game, the devs couldn’t figure out how to adjust the sloped performance of solid AP. APCR has been nerfed for years now, inexplicably so. Ammunition performance should be modeled as close to reality as possible. Bug reports should be judge on their merits, not the whims of the devs. When the M26 Pershing is arbitrarily limited to some standard devs don’t equally apply, it makes you wonder what their goal is. Why can’t the M26 have ammo it used in combat, but other tanks get rounds developed years after they were scrapped. If the devs want a standard, then stick to it. Apply it equally across the board.

The T32E1 went from 7.0 to 7.7, was not part of the recent BR adjustments and still can’t get its ammo properly modeled. On top of that, Gaijin claims reload is a balance stat, but thinks 4 RPM is just fine for a tank that gets outclassed by everything it sees. Why not give it a buff here or there.

I’m not asking for things to be OP. I’m asking for every vehicle to be treated fairly, and that’s certainly not the case.

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Devs: “Hey bro if you killed enemies who are one br higher than your current vehicle, you earn more lions per kill bro and you also receive a bonus called Skill Matters, bro. See that? everything is perfectly balanced as all things should be.”


So this puts the T32E1 against tanks that have a Stabilizer (T32E1 does not), APFSDS (T32E1 does not), Thermals (T32E1 does not), and vehicles with much more speed. At 7.7 the T32E1 can face off with the Object 279 lmao! Have fun with that.

BR is a separate issue. Gaijin’s decision making resulting in unjustified nerfs is a bigger issue.

a fitting name for a WT player. i might copy that lol