Vehicles leak list (European Canadian)

This went from the su-33 to country’s, lol this is very confusing to read

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It’s clickbait



What is?

sorry dont have the best grammar since im not an native english speaker.
long story short there isnt space for a Poland,australian or czechoslovakian sub tree. they can add vehicles from those countries in the already existing lines in the tech tree but there wont be an new sub tree for them.

That reminds me, what happened to TheOrangeDoom?

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I assume you’re new here

I’m the creator of the thread

But yes sorta new

and about the su-33 i think it would have the basic russian top tier stuff like r-73 and the new r-77.
wikipedia said it could have anti radiation missiles and anti ship missiles but who knows what gaijin would give it

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Ok, ty

oh nvm it cant carry r-77

I’m not talking about the thread, I’m talking about TEC and the views of others towards him.

Tbh I don’t watch tec

what views do people even have on tec? i havent heard of anything negative about him.

@Winter-Class theres a suggestions post about the su-33

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Hell if I know.

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Bob semple coming next update trust me



Chinese leaker is trustworthy as well