Vehicles leak list (European Canadian)

yeah ill do some research im defnitively curious on how this works

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Modern wut?

object 477A1-2

What’s there presidents email, I want to provide him with a plan he can’t turn down




regarding this, i found out how it works: basically, some little hammocks or baskets holding the ammo fold, to allow the shell to drop onto the belt and allow the pass of the shell through the belt, The belt then pushes it into the elevator The hammock then grabs it goes down turns around and drops it, here some pics


How they fold

How it works

regarding the accomodation of the ammo apparently its supossed to be used in rows so they dont interfere with each other meaning in the first row it can be apfsds and second can be HE, they do say the general speed of this procedure wich makes me believe it is around 4 seconds loading time, wich its honestly unexpected, the system its pretty complex but at the same time it uses pretty simple systems

Yeah, still seems a bit over-complex for my liking, especially speaking the fact that I can’t really read this without having a schematic telling what each part is and does. If I had that, I could understand. I’m not much of an ammunition guy myself, but I’d say there’s a much simpler way they could have done that, for probably way cheaper and less moving parts, even simply by moving the magazine at the bottom, over to the top, and have the injector stay low, drop it down to the lowest level, and then move the shell on the belt over to the injector, but it’s still overly complicated there too.

But I mean, if it works, right? 🫤

I had My doubts at first but apparently it just pushes the Shell tanks to a belt and the elevator takes it drops quickly pushes de Shell in the breach and comes back up lemme get You the original thing

Chinese J20

Don’t get me started on the knockoff f-22

Its not a knockoff F22. Its not even inspired from the F22

Ik, but if you think about it, we keep everything classified on the f22 pretty much, that’s why it’s taken china so long to copy it, but if it isn’t classified we’ll enough or encryptid well enough it takes them two years

Just look at the Chengdu J-10

That’s based on their own design

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My dude, I don’t want a argument that’s gonna result in smt stupid happening, I’m very patriotic of my country,
I admire there j20 design but I’m just pissed off the fact that we do smt they copy it

I just got challenged to one 1V1 by a team killer, I think he was a 11-year-old, he ended up leaving the lobby. We never even got to fight, I have them on my friend list, I’ll send the name later.

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