Vehicles for every nation

For ground every nation should have; light tank, 2 mediums, heavy and or tank destroyer 1 SPAA and utility at every rank.

For AIR, interceptor and or heavy fighter, 2 light fighters, attacker, bomber

The above should be a priority and a minimum in the hanger in every nations hanger/ garage

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I quite interested to know why the Devs released nation line ups with so many gaps. What was the thinking there? Were they going to color them in later or what? So much copy paste and general filler. Why introduce a nation if you could never make a line up? seems odd.

It’s a Catch-22 situation.

-Players would have to actually play the game and progress up the tech trees.
-Gaijin would lose money on premium sales, due to players actually playing the tech tree vehicles.

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I would like to see that on the road map as a priority

Premiums are so players can buy there way up and skip the grind not what your thinking, just think how many talisman sells there lossing out on and you can grind top tier air sweden in 1 weekend

It would make sense

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Except some nations don’t have vehicles of those classes that fit within the time periods/tech level/capabilities that the tier levels moreorless represent. And specific BRs are dynamic and adjust on performance against all the other vehicles.

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well it looks like a list of enemy in Assault mode

Maybe they had experimental, or even just designs of such vehicles, who knows. They could even fill the gaps with a WT special

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I personally dont like this idea…and i am pretty sure i am not the only one.

OF COURSE there are a lots or Realism limitations in game already…but that doesn’t mean we all want even more…

Game is based on REAL vehicles and sometimes even real events…filling the trees with fictional vehicles is against what lots of players look for…
If you have a fictional game, you can use only game rules…as it is, i think devs are already being too creative on some trees…

I agree but sadly Gaijin do it and do it more of late than they did early on. The era match is fiction, the service in combat is often fictional, the nation matchup is fictional as are many of the maps. We never had a battle of Tiger Tanks against Concept 3s in Sun City or North America of the 60s to my knowledge.

Where does WT stop and start with the fiction and fantasy exactly?

There is more fake in WT than realistic and thus i would like more balance

We are moving more towards “fiction”…i for one would prefer not only to slow it down, but to revert some of it…while keeping BALANCE.
I “dream” of a real realistic mode where we would play realistic scenarios…limiting map and opponents to what really faced each other, and adjusting numbers, support and specific vehicles to achieve balance. HOWEVER i can understand that making players play those scenarios would be the real issue…

I personally think balance is good as it is…it is very rare these days that i face something i can’t kill…sometimes i do have to aim a bit better…even when uptiered. Everything can be improved (i asked for a 0.7 BR spread testing), but in most matches it works reasonably well…i no longer check match BR.

Its to late now, i cant see gaijin or any game developer ever going backwards unless they make a new release like CoD when the removed jump packs. I’m a believer of in for a penny in for a pound. Dont you play arcade mostly? because that is even less realistic.

Wont be long for russian spaa to kill the optics of USA CAS

The only two concerns I have are

  1. Not every nation developed Heavy tanks or light tanks or classic medium tanks or etc. etc. etc. So if we are limiting it to purely domestic models then that can be a bit of an issue (although that said, there are some domestic models for nations in game that we don’t have yet, even if they are experimental I don’t mind having them in game since they are Unique to the nation and unique vehicles)

  2. Copy Paste. I hate copy paste. 95% sure if you go on the old forum, you can see how much I dislike copy paste. I think it is atrocious and ruins my game. How many times have you been in a Chaffee and been killed by a Chaffee? Or an M18 in an M18? Or a Sherman in a Sherman? What about a Panzer in a Panzer? Or a Bulldog in a Bulldog? Hmmm… a T-34 in a T-34? A Pershing in a Pershing? etc. etc. etc. It’s annoying and frustrating. Id be all down for nations getting each type of vehicle- except if it involves a lot of Copy Paste. Especially since Gaijin got rid of Historical Matchmaking- it just is a hubbub of annoyance that I don’t want to have to deal with.

But IDK. I do see the value in it at least when it comes to adding Prototypes and not currently in-game vehicles.

You and many others so why are we doing this ? Is Warthunder going to make the mistake of trying to be all things to all people and doing nothing well as a result? Then something more specialized comes out and half the player base jump ship?

Its lucky for WT that WoT is so badly lacking when you think about it.

I like many aspects of Warthunder and I appreciate many aspects of what Gaijins Devs do but they take action without thinking about the results of those actions further down the line. Tech trees with nothing in them, BR rated vehicles with nothing to put around them so they have to run alone creating ODL situations etc etc .

So eager to appease the wrong people and make money.

There has to be a “balance” point. So yes…i think they are trying to please “most” people…and of course this means annoying lots of them… :)

I would prefer a bit more “realism”, but i still like to play AS IS…there is still some fun in fighting historical vehicles in somewhat historical landscapes…killing a Tiger/Sherman/T34 (or any other historical tank) still is a lot of fun.
BUT…to me personally, some matches are so surreal that i become a bit “bored”. Mechanics are the same and i actually have no big complaint with balance…but killing something fictional sometimes using an also fictional vehicle is simply not so much fun…not even sure why.
Eventually if the realism drops too much (and not saying it is good as it is) i will be too bored…and come back less…not sure if someone will go the other way…perhaps they will…

Many plays are getting feed up with gaijin trying to please new kids that cry and all they want to do is head on with a 50/50 chance of winning

Well those people are in the minority.

Well…i would guess those new kids are those wanting balance (i.e. 50/50) over realism…ww2 realistic scenarios are more an old man thing…