Vehicles for every nation

Because all the old players that invested into the game have left, where would WT be with out them, such a display of loyalty

Copy pastes arent really necessarily bad. It is ineveitable - not every nation is going to have developed every indigenous vehicle they have but still I am quite curious? What nation exactly is it that as you claim is full of copy pastes and and general filler?

Every nation in the game currently has at least a semi-decent lineup in all ranks.

Made in China 😆

Have you even played China? Once you get to the mid tiers you get their unique vehicles. Also you play China for its unique mix of American and Soviet vehicles, not because you want unique stuff. Theres a reason why China is a MINOR nation.

Have you ever been to China?

Yeah it is. It’s stupid that I have to face a Phantom in my Phantom. Or a Sherman in my Sherman. Or a Sabre in my Sabre. Or a MiG in my MiG. Or a Hellcat in my Hellcat (plane AND tank). Etc. etc.

I think there shouod be red v blue, ie USA and there proxies and USSR and there proxies. There is also the issue of some nations change loyalties through out history

Because of the way Gaijin has implemented Germany, unfortunately it isn’t possible.

But regardless, my point is more Copy Paste is ridiculous and makes the game very not-fun. I mean, I’m tired of facing other nations that get better versions of the vehicles from the nation I’m playing. The F-104s, the swedish M4A3, the F-4 Phantoms, for example, all things I don’t like having to face. Or for the Russians, having to face Finish T-54s or Turans, it simply isn’t fun

No it’s poor.

Then you must be fine with fake stuff. You cant have both realistic and at the same time demand it to be as an officially produced one.