Vehicle randomly disabled

Have tried to get into the game again and am finding some weird stuff happening. I’ll be in a battle and have perhaps taken a few hits but the vehicle is still mobile and as such I’ll be racing to the next cap or firing position when suddenly and for no apparent reason the vehicle is disabled, comes to a complete stop and I have to sit and repair to get moving again. There is no sound of a hit and I can see nobody on the minimap that would be a position to shoot me due to buildings or other cover. This has happened a few times now and I’m wondering whether others are finding the same thing, and if so, if it’s been reported to Gaijin. This is happening in Arcade Ground Battles btw.

Sounds like you got hit in your Radiator and your engine overheated and needed repair.
You can see it when your engine smokes white.

That sounds logical but I’ve never had existing damage stop my tank literally dead in it’s track while moving before. Only if I got hit while driving. But not due to damage I’ve already received. Is this something recently introduced? I’ve been playing a long time.

Air attack? However it is usually “visible”.
I am sometimes attacked by planes without expecting it and even guns can immobilize a vehicle.

I dont think i ever had a vehicle STOP without being hit…

Bet you don’t play on wifi or bad packetloss, cos that happens when desynced sometimes.

I’d be throwing out my mainstay ‘You on WIFI?’ check.

The radiator actually doing damage was added in Sons of Attila (I think). If the radiator is damaged, your engine will smoke white and will begin to take damage. You will be able to move for a bit, but the engine will keep taking damage until it eventually dies and needs to be repaired.

Either it never happened to me or i didn’t realize it. When i am hit i usually retreat (if exposed and mobile) and repair…and i dont always check what was damaged.
Good to know though…

I actually do…always on wifi and my provider has good and bad days. BUT i was “ruling out” this option…as it is usually identifiable as the interface “jumps” between normal and damaged…vehicle itself usually bounces a bit. And a lot more stutters also…
The OP described a more “stable” event… :)

No, I never play on wifi and have a good wired connection with fibre to the home.

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i noticed this will playing the mad max thing.
was in an echidna, didnt get hit but deliberately slowed to a stop.
upon attempting to move forwards again, i found the w key inoperable, several thumps on the keyboard later, still nothing.
the S key however still reversed the vehicle, and was able to reverse several times before the w key remembered it actually had a function in the game and resumed operating normally.

I think it is aliens.

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Could you be stuck on something?..small rock or some of those muddy spots…?

nope, just stopped mid track, unable to continue forwards

This is either a glitch or more likely a misunderstanding of certain game mechanics that have recently been added such as the new radiator mechanics.

It did happen to me twice around the time this was posted. At the beginning of the match I had moved and for some reason my engine was broken after few seconds. No visibility of enemies yet, too far from that, just a broken module out of nowhere. Flat ground no shenanigans like rushing through brick wall etc.