Vehicle crewing

This really needs to change extremely badly, because I shouldn’t have to pay 200k extra to crew a vehicle after grinding the RP and SL to even be able to buy it. My idea is as:

  1. First crewing is free

  2. You can “de-crew” a slot, and receive your money back (this one is not my original idea)

  3. Just remove crew locks, and make crew slots more access able, like not putting a GE paywall past a certain amount would be amazing

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Yea, I feel this isn’t a thought out proposition.

A little more thrashing could do it some good.


That means?

A better suggestion could be made by making a better angle rather than mere removal, and obliteration of what is already implemented just because you want one part of it gone.

Are you struggling with lions, or what? Why are you actually getting crew locked…


I rarely get crew locked, but it seems like it’s a re-occurring issue with other players. I don’t call for removal, but a system rework.

What is your exact reasoning? Why only the Crewing cost? Why stop there? Why not make everything free in the game?

It seems more like a personal annoyance of yours, but thats part of the grind. Always was, always will be.


That’s why, it shouldn’t cost 700k and upwards of SL, and then 200k on top of it to be able to play it.

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What was this then?

As I said, it’s not a thought through suggestion otherwise you’d not have to change the suggestion the second someone mentioned anything.

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It also shouldn’t cost thousands in ammo, thousands in modules, thousands in repairs, and the hundreds of GE worth of backups you may use on it.

Then again, it’s a vehicle you bought. Deal with it.

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Sorry, that’s bad wording on my part

I think you wanna get a drawing board out and make a wider suggestion regarding the crews overall.

There is some already made if you check them out, one of which is movable slots, which sounds like a good plan from my ideals.

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Yeah, I agree

Crew cost and training should be a one time thing, we shouldn’t have to pay millions every time Gaijin ruins another lineup and we need to make new lineups.
Especially stupid with all the same vehicles, as if an M4A1 crew has no clue how to operate an M4, M4A2, M4a1 75, M4A2 76, M4A3 76, M4A3E2, M4A3E2 76 etc and needs complete training from scratch.

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But it does. Just like it cost some hundred thousand research points.
If you don’t want to grind just play a bit on lower BRs. You can earn some good SL and it is actually fun opposed to just grinding till you burn out.

Gaijin set the prices on purpose and won’t change them just because you can’t or don’t want to pay them.
If you don’t want to spend 200k SL buy 600 Golden Eagles and you don’t have to worry about it :)

Mind maps are a really cool thing to use, just saying.

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That’s the issue though, I’m playing for “fun” and progression, I can’t play the vehicle I want to play without grinding out extra SL just to crew it, it should be a one time purchase and crew, no extra shit. For example, I want to buy the Sea Harrier and Crew it, but it costs 710k, and then 200k to crew it.

Weird. I played this game 5 years and never had to spend millions for a rework of a lineup.
Maybe that is because if you actually plan ahead this doesn’t happen.
Even if they change around BRs, my AA-Crew will always be my AA-Crew and my Fighter-With-Bombs-Crew will always be that. Because all my AAs are on the AA crew, even if I have to exchange the AA because of some BR change, I won’t have to spend a single SLbecause all other AA are trained on that same crew :> Maybe try that.

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And if you ask me everything should be free. Gaijin should just give me all the Vehicles.
#FreeAbrams now :))

If you buy a tank, you pay the amount to crew it. Once it is in that crew, you never have to pay it again until you move crew slots.


Going on about 12 years now, I’ve maybe paid 700k at the highest amount to remake a full top tier lineup.

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