Vehicle Cost should be less

Imo the Cost of Vehicles to buy and crew them is way to expensive especially at Top Tier.
For example if i want to buy and crew the ZTZ-99A it would cost me almost 1,5 Million SL for which i would need to play dozens of Matches even with Premium and Prem.Vehicle just to be able to buy one Vehicle. Varies a lot of course as in good Rounds one can get up to above 100k SL but thats with both Premiums and the average is way less per Round.

And it doesn’t help being forced to buy Vehicles i don’t want in order to continue with the Tech Tree - for example for the WZ1001 now i have to buy every single Light Tank along the way of which i don’t want a single one

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This is more the way forward, rather than this ‘removal’ angle we’ve been seeing for the past month without delay…

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a handful of naval battles, honestly…

I only play GRB why do i need to do play a totally different Mode / basically another Game i don’t like at all to get enough SL in reasonable time?

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yes, I know its not everyones cake…
its just a solution for some…

And don’t really enjoy fighting against either official Bots or scripted Bot Accounts, i tried Naval for like 3-4 Matches once but not really mine and hearing all the Time that it is full with Bots isn’t really exciting

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Bro you are absolutely dreaming if you think that the economy is unfair or bad now, some vehicles repair costs back in the day was as high as 18/24k for simply dying, let alone buying and crewing them too. At least now you can make constant SL at a reasonable rate. Earning RP ia the real issue.

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Buying a Vehicle and Crewing it hasn’t been changed as far as i know and 1,5 Million SL for a single Vehicle at Top Tier is still to much. I don’t mind Repair Cost because i play with Premium anyway and i didn’t say the Economy is bad just that the Vehicles cost to much.

And for earning RP they also foldered Vehicles and decreased their Cost so i could say as well its not an issue anymore…but i agree with RP earnings being rather low. For some Nations like China the Grind actually increased with the Update…the 99-III is the only Top Tier which got foldered whereas the 96A, 99-II, 99A, WZ1001 all had their RP Cost increased by like 60-80k RP and the WZ1001 even moved into different Line now having to research all those Light Tanks to get to it…

Vehicle costs are fine, what we need is Gaijin to remove PURCHASE REQUIREMENTS. I don’t want to spend tens of millions of SL on tanks I don’t want to play just to play the tank I actually want. This is Gaijin’s most egregious example of PAY TO PROGRESS, I’m surprised nobody brought this up before.

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Maybe it is not an issue for the most because they use these tanks for their lineups? Or is ODL your way of playing WT?

You can buy Silver Lions straight out this does not justify inane grinds

The initial purchase cost of high tier vehicles is not the issue

The issue is the crew training cost alongside crew qualification cost

These two things are prohibitive doubling the actual cost of the vehicle

This is a place where Gaijin is actually losing income from me: I usually buy all the stuff I have researched during sales and then talisman much of it with my event income. But I have not yet used all the vehicles I talismaned last year, because it gets expensive to crew and I don’t have enough time to play all. So I will not buy much this year and hence spend less on talismans. In fact I stopped doing events, plans etc. for the time being, because it all piles up without being used.

I am basically forced by Gaijin to act reasonable, which reduces their income. Fine with me.