Vautour should absolutely not be at 9.0

Lacks all of these features and more:
2nd gen Infrared-guided air-to-air missiles
radar-guided air-to-air missiles
competitive maneuverability
competitive speed (for its BR)

and 10k silver lion repair cost STOCK!?

This is absurd.

What are gaijin’s plans for this?


The Vautour with radar guided missiles is already in the game. You can find it at 8.7 in the French tech tree.

The BR is fine for the bombers. Minimum fuel, drop bombs, RTB. Sometimes you get shafted, most of the time you get away clean.

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The Vautour with radar guided missiles is already in the game.

I’m not saying the Vautour needs radar guided missiles, as I’m not sure that every variant got them in real life. I’m saying for the Vautour’s BR to be justified it needs to have some competitive edge of some performance buff.

most of the time you get away clean.

Nope, with the number of games that I’ve tested, you get killed about 72% of the time. so please don’t bs me.

This may not be an issue with the Vautour’s BR, but an issue of compression and power creep. In any case this BR is totally unjustified and needs to be looked into.

Your points are valid, but I guess thats not how Gajin judges the issues.

Its probably quite safe to say that this rather fast jet bomber gets 1 or 2 bases bombed without getting intercepted. Means they generate above average income and this means it gets a higher BR.

Its similar with the Tornado strike jets. They also lack every feature for top BR combat in Air and Ground modes. But are probably good in bombing bases, which is the reason for their BR bumps. Smin hinted something like that in the old forums, as ppl complained about its BR treatment.

This appplies for all fast things which are likely to reach a base and have the loadout to bombkill it. Only few prems are exceptions, like the Wyvern pest^^


thank you for the insight

I agree that it could go down in BR. Even though Gaijin has increased the BR range and did a little decompression at the top, jets at this range are still fairly compressed. A bomber at this BR needs flares to give it some protection against SAM’s, and it really ought to have a targeting computer for bombs.

My experience with 9.0 is that it will get up-tiered most of the time, making it an easy target. Playing in air RB, you’re simply in a race to see if you can drop your bombs before you get killed. There isn’t a return trip involved.

here’s an update:

I have fully spaded both of them in the israel tree, and if you play your cards right, you can escape, even in an uptier. In a downteir, if you are smart, and keep your speed, you can be an excellent missile support carrier. This is nearly impossible in upteirs but in normal games and downtiers you should be kind of alright. The main issue is the mig-21 and the harrier. The stupid radar missiles that the Mig-21 gets is boofus, and the AIM-9Gs are also sometimes an annoyance.

Ah, I thought you were talking about the French Vautour’s at 9.0. Unlike the Israel variants, the French do not get IR missiles. The premium jet can carry a couple MCLOS missiles, but that’s as good as it gets. The only thing the French Vautour’s can do is bomb, but at 9.0 they’re really too slow for anyone to expect them to get away, let alone carry a match. The air start will get them to a bomb target, but they’ll get there while the enemy team is flying overhead. I tend to skirt around the edge of the battle and try to sneak in a bomb run while the enemy team is focused on the dogfight. If I’m successful, I can return back to base to rearm. If my team wins the dogfight we win the battle, if they lose, I’ll get picked off once the blind hunt is activated. The Vautour isn’t competitive, its survival is completely dependent on if/when the enemy notices it.

By comparison, look at bombers like the Su-7. They don’t have countermeasures or decent missiles, but they do have the sheer speed to escape pursuit in most cases. There are jets faster than them, but the Su-7 is at a BR where they can succeed well enough. The French Vautours need a shift in BR that gives them a similar chance.

I actually also have the French ones as well, and I can confirm the worst has to be the IIB… it doesn’t even have guns, let alone missiles… like bro, who is making this decision at gaijin?

Bomb sight, you can high altitude bomb in it, thus less likely to be intercepted.

It’s just compression. The vautour can’t go down.

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its always this way, its a one way fix

vautour was too fast at 8.7 ? nerf it to 9.0
NOW, other planes are faster than vautour ? keep vautour at 9.0 and leave the faster, more armed, more deadly at 8.7…

lmao, double standard, you will see that for each vehicle in france… its sad, but its the sad truth.
litraly the easy fix is putting it at 8.7, this plane is a death trap one way trip 9.0

a perfect example is the chines A5c being 10.0 with magic missiles, yet the french jaguar and the mirage are at 10.3… excuse me , where is the balance ? balance, ! hello ? where are you ? you therE ? oh hi su25 with all aspect missiles, welcoem the the party, you there too ?!

only allowed a one way fix, not the other way arround lol

The faster aircraft are at 9.3 or higher.
There is no double standard.
A-5C loses to Jag in all dogfights.
Su-25 is slow.

in a way, im venting, cause french vautour have their issues, but the su25 ? really can keep up really good, do a 180° and still keep up, also all aspect missles that low br

Fair enough.
Su-25 is too slow for up-BR’ing right now.
But as Gaijin continues decompression that’ll give them room to finally decompression 9.0 - 10.7.