Vautour should absolutely not be at 9.0


It’s simple. A vehicle is bad = its not played = “effectiveness” is not low enough for it to get moved

its just because of how flawed the way balancing works in this game


Prime example is the Vautour IIN late (thats arguably the best vautour in the game even with the bugged FM) which got added at whatever BR (i forgot), got spammed out because new vehicle and its BR tanked

Just realized Vautour 2N late is on 8.3. I seemed it’s lower.

It was always 8.3 since it’s ground ordinances that the IIN (late) used is not implemented to the game yet and to add salt to the wound, the IIN (late) is not only Tier V instead Tier VI but also is classified as an “Interceptor” meaning it has a airspawn

Vauture is the only passenger plane in the game. He needs a maximum of 8.3.