Vatour IIN missing ordanance

According too the wiki on the Vatour IIN it has BVR capabilities and radar guided Anti Air Missles. Even though the loadout does not reflect any of this is there any intentions to add the ordinance it’s missing or do you guys need to redefine the wiki description you guys put out.

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You are referring to the Vautour IIN Late (S.O. 4050) in the French tree which has Matra 511 SARH missiles at 8.3… funny memes only against bombers really…

This one: S.O.4050 Vautour IIN (late) - War Thunder Wiki

Not the Israeli one which has Shafrirs at 9.0

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Here is a snapshot of the wiki for it. Talking about BVR capabilities. This is what I was inquiring on.

Seems just some wiki editor not paying attention to the wording where he implies the radar is BVR… yea duh, most radars are, that’s the whole point of having one. It doesn’t have BVR missiles, only the French one has

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Thanks for that was just checking.

I don’t understand how this plane can be 9.0. There is a reason why barely anyone is flying it.