Vark Thread

Woooooo Vark is coming let’s gooooo!!!


Do your Vark posting here, maybe go make a thread for all the ordinance it’ll be missing on launch as well

Vark Vark Vark Vark


Basic breakdown of the variants (WIP)
A: basic Vark. 159 produced. AIM-9Es and Js. Used in Vietnam and Cambodia. 10.7?
B: Naval Vark. 7 produced. Only can carry AIM-54As. Same radar as F-14A. 11.3?
C: Aussie Vark equivalent to F. Pave Tack, TF30-P-100 engines, and longer B wings. AIM-9P/L. AShM. Squadron 11.3?
D: upgraded Vark. 96 produced. New, more powerful engines. Saw very limited use, only in the US. AIM-9J/L. 11.0?
E: interim Vark. 94 produced. With original engines but Pave Tack. Saw combat in Gulf War. AIM-9J/L. 11.0?
F: final Vark. 106 produced. New engines. Pave Tack targeting pod. Weight reduction. Saw combat in Gulf War (dropping 80% of guided bombs in Desert Storm). AIM-9J/P-3/L. 11.3?
G: AKA FB-111A, nuclear bomber Vark. 76 produced. No guns, AIM-9Ls, B61 nuclear bomb. Nuclear aircraft for Ground 11.3+?
K: British Vark E. 2 incomplete prototypes. AIM-9P/L in theory. 11.0?

Pave Tack- targeting pod with FLIR and laser designator. Allows use of laser guided bombs and AGMs. Replaces M61A1 Vulcan in bomb bay.

I mean for obvious reasons the F111 should appear as the next in line for the F105, but because of it’s insane bomb load it’ll probably be Rank 8 so time to get grinding if you’re up for it folks, later on we might be lucky and see the F111 appear in Britain as the Australians used it, but snail hasn’t made up their mind on Australia if it should be Britain or US

Ironic that I happened across an F-111A this summer while on a mountain bike trip near Marquette MI.


So, since the one we’re getting is the F-111A, do y’all think we’ll get a Foxtrot 'Vark later down the line, let’s say sometime in either March/April or June?

There’s plenty of room in the bomber line for it, assuming the A does okay I wouldn’t doubt it

The real question is if/how they’re gonna add the B

Honestly, B is more likely to be prem or event than TT, since it never actually entered service and was technically just a prototype

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I don’t remember seeing any A2A in the trailer. Hope it’ll have some 9s to defend itself

Two things: Is the variant we are getting the A model, and if so, does it have countermeasures?

it is a mid/late production A model, would not know but considering where it is being put they 100% need to give it CM



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