Vark Now Way Too Slow

Sooo… patch notes mentioned something about being able to turn worse, but my god, the top speed of this thing with any sort of ordnance is no longer competitive. And nothing about it mentioned anywhere.

Why? Its literal role is to be fast and deliver bombs on target.

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Which it was certainly able to do very well in the mid-60s. It was overperforming, and now it is not. There is nothing else to say about this.


So because it actually performed in its role, it had to get nerfed in that aspect? If anything, they should make it worse at playing like a fighter, because it’s comically good at that. Reducing its speed with payload makes no sense.

That’s not what I said, no. Performance documentation was found for it and it was adjusted to match the real world performance of the aircraft.


Documentation was found, uh-huh, where? Let us read it, or is it purely out of thin air? Where’s the 2,100 pounds of thrust gone? After this patch the engine specs are not true, which tells us that this airplane will not be able to reach and even 1.2 Mach above sea level even if it is unarmed. Let’s not even mention Mach 2.2 at 60,000 feet.

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I just test flew it up to 1.25 mach at sea level clean with ease, are you joking?


It’s slower now for sure, the turn performance took a HUGE hit. Won’t bother playing it anymore that’s for sure


clean, yes. But what good does an interdictor do with no ordnance…?

The top speed of F-111, or any aircraft, is clean.

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It’s a 60’s era jet that can go supersonic with ordnance in spite of the intake having no boundary air layer splitter which is pretty dang good if you ask me. (Later models fixed that).

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Ahh,… the famous player type: if it is not OP not playing it,…

Now the advark is a bus that bleeds speed faster than a delta like a mig21. I only enjoy dogfight capable planes, what’s wrong with it? If you enjoy bombing bases 24/7 that’s up to you but I don’t

sure, but I specifically pointed out the problem while carrying ordnance which is how I noticed it. I went from going like 1.12 or so by the time I hit a base to barely breaking 1.02. That’s a massive nerf. Discussing a clean Vark would do me no good. Also, why isn’t it mentioned in the patch notes? I cannot stand underhanded behavior.

That’s fine, but there is a reason the US Navy didn’t proceed with the F-111B… it was genuinely a bus.

If you don’t entirely believe me,
F-111A/F WSO Account - (9:50 onwards for about a minute)

Karl Gruner states you could pull 7Gs, the problem was of course you couldn’t do so for long otherwise you’d run out of speed.

You just don’t want to pull Gs if at all possible. the Vark just wasn’t optimised for A/A unfortunately.

I am just pointing out that the Advark is not worth it anymore, at least not at 10.3 with aim9b and the energy retention of a phantom while having a less instant turn and worse acceleration. I’d rather pick up the F-4F at 10.7 for that heavy fighter/support role playstyle.

I’m not advocating for unrealistic flight performance, but the F-111 right now is not 10.3 material

You do realize that F-111 is a delta wing aircraft when its wings are swept right?

Why would you dogfight will your wings swept back lol? Obviously, I’m talking about fully extended wings performance which is now worse than a phantom

As it should be.
F-111 weighs more, has more leading edge drag, and has less dogfight thrust.

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Yeah sure, but not at 10.3. The only thing that made it a competitive vehicle was the ability to rate fight everyone at that BR after you get on low fuel. Now that the FM is fixed/nerfed it is just a much worse option compared to others in it’s BR range

8 AAM, high speed → using it as F-104A or B, firing AIM-9B to slowed target (basically the ones dogfighting) from a distance of 2.5km and less

It would transition from an Attacker with Dogfight ability to an attacker with Opportunity Air-Air abilities.

The F-104A and C, are to be played similarly, yet the F-111 turn better than those, and have 8 AIM-9(4x times the F-104A/C), and also Flares/chaffs → 10.3 is still good rating considering other F-104 (G/J/S/S ASA)

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