Vark Now Way Too Slow

Firstly, every starfighter is overtiered (br compression) IMHO, but that’s not the point of this thread.

Useless missiles at 10.3, unless your target is AFK. Could have 20 of them, would not change a thing

The F-111 does not have the acceleration/speed to do that playstyle reliably now.

Compare the F-111 performance and loadout with a mig21 SMT or the F-4F and you can see how bad it is, both of those are faster and can outrun you in normal conditions, both have faster instantaneous turn rate and better or similar sustained turn rate. With actually useful missiles.

The overperforming F-111 did great at 10.3 because it acted like a heavier F-14a with a vulcan and 2000 rounds at that BR, it would outrun or out-rate any plane it encountered. Now there’s nothing going for it except the ammo count and the decent search radar that can keep locks at low altitudes fairly well to get you a lead indicator.