Vapor Cone doesn't work

when I play as a supersonic jet fighter, the vapour cone does not appear when i go transonic. I play war thunder in Movie/Maximum quality, so this should not be happening. Is there any tips on how to fix this?

It doesnt? Thats brilliant, that unrealistic bliimen cone is the most annoying thing about top tier RB. It makes you completely blind

Hope gaijin keeps it that way, and only makes it show up in realistic situations where it would show up IRL.

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Please tell me how you do it, the cone is the worst thi- okay sadly there’s a lot of really bad and worse things in the game, but it’s still massive nuisance that shouldn’t exist, you should be very happy that it’s not working because this isn’t what you want.

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Is it possible to learn this power? Seriously, that cone is super annoying and regularly throws off my aim… You’re super lucky if it’s not visible!

the new mach cone is one of the worst additions for pure gameplay sake. certain planes hover around mach 1 often and this is a huge negative when you’re trying to line up a shot and cant see what the enemies orientation is.

the old effect was much more forgiving and still looked decent.

a way to disable this terrible effect would be fantastic. i would even play in first person if the camera didn’t rotate with the plane just to avoid it

I think Gaijin is actually doing me a pretty great favour, or i’m just a lucky guy.

You guys do know that Pilots do not fly from behind the Aircraft right ?? so the real pilots are not affected by it… You can go into cockpit to avoid it…

And… some information about the Vapor Cone can be found online, and one example/explanation… Airplane Vapor Cone - YouTube

And it can be tweaked over time, but for the most part it is quite realistic as it is… and again… the Pilots do not fly from behind the aircraft…

You will need to make a bug report, I would suggest to make sure that your Drivers are update and or check to make sure the file integrity of the game is ok as well