V-150 TOW

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Hey guys today I’ll be suggesting the V-150 TOW


The V-150 commando is an amphibious armored personnel carrier based off of the V-200 armored car with some V-100 features. They were mainly produced for the Saudi Arabian National Guard but have served in a multitude of countries including the Republic of China (Taiwan). Taiwan started ordering multiple variants of the V-150 sometime in the early 1970’s, to help replace their old fleet of WW2 era half tracks and the final ones were delivered in 1976.

Taiwan obtained only 4 of the TOW missile carrier V-150’s and they were assigned to the anti-tank company of the 109th mechanized division of the Republic of China Army. Very little is know about the V-150 TOW service with the ROCA since they only had 4 but they served for about 10 years, retiring in the early 1990’s.

The rest of the V-150’s are now being phased out by the army and now mainly serve with floodwater rescue efforts, VIP transport, police duties, and a multitude of other roles.

Not an ROCA V-150 TOW but should be similar

In game:

In game the V-150 TOW carrier would be a great addition to the Chinese tech tree. With its high mobility it can deploy to advantageous positions, such as enemy flanks, quickly and deal serious damage with its TOW missiles. However because it retired in the early 90’s it would just have access to the TOW and I-TOW missiles, same as the m113 currently in game. Its amphibious capabilities can give it a small tactical edge in maps with water but since it can only go 5 km/h in the water it’s advantage would be small.


Crew: 4 to 6 ( commander, driver, gunner, loader, 2 troops)

Length: 5.69m

Width: 2.26m

Height: ?

Weight 8.96t gross vehicle weight

Wheelbase: Wheeled chassis, 4 x 4, 2.67m wheelbase, 14.59 x 21 tires

Turn radius: 8.4m

Engine: V-504 V8 diesel, 202hp at 3.300 rpm

Power ratio: 22.5 hp/t

Transmission: manual, 4 forward, 1 reverse

Speed: 88 km/h on road, 5 km/h in water

Armor: steel

Armament: TOW missile launcher (7 missiles in storage, 1 ready to fire); 360 degree traverse; -10 to +30 degree elevation; non-stabilized

Secondary armament: 12.7mm machine gun (probably T90)



V-150 Commando | Weaponsystems.net

https://old.weaponsystems.net/weaponsystem/CC01 - Commando.html




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If nothing else, would make a more interesting replacement for the M113A1 TOW.

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You should do one on the Humvee T-75

20mm Rotary boi from the F-5.

Anyways nice suggestion. +1


I don’t think this is a great addition. I’d much rather have the Devs make the TOW and I-TOW better (because these missiles REALLY NEED IT), than this. It’s open topped as the M113 but has less depression, which for ATGM carriers is very important.

By making these missiles better, I mean make them actually useable. Better mobility (like the TOW-2s), damage and remove that God awful random sway they have. I’m no expert, but I don’t think a 100 thousand dollar missile should be this inaccurate. In-game, even the Shillelagh is better.