USSR unplayable

Why tf do the every enemy team have russian tanks too? these matches are unplayable

its always like that when event machine drops no matter the nation

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let me guess youre playing between 9.0 and 11.0, if thats the case it is due to the 292 spam

The T-72 is a widely exported tank, and is thus used to fill gaps in: Germany, Italy, and Sweden. The T-80 series MBT has an example in Sweden, and the T-90 appears in the British tech tree.

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It dilutes Russian win rates and buffs weak nations win rates.

Theres 1 weak nation (japan) the last time i got killed by a jap was like 2 hours ago, just clickbaits kvt and ugly dirty challengers

Thats your opinion…

Im talking about battles like China and russia vs germany, usa and russia please get informed before talking


I don’t see where it says “I’m playing Russia fighting Russia” m8

it will return to usual in a week or so, there currently is a high influx of players wanting to use their new 292 so that br is over saturated with Russians, it allways happens when they launch a popular vehicle or premium

USSR balancing themselves lol but ye, the new event vehicle being spammed.

You’re being rude, but I do play all the nations except 1 at top tier…usa top tier tanks are weak, Britain top tier tanks are weak, italy top tier tanks are weak. If you can’t play japan with the 4 sec reload and ability to soak some shots while being pretty agile…well I can’t help ya.

Of course im being rude, i have been playing for 8 hours just to reach 25k out of 45k,

UGH…I gave up on it. If you’re not playing Germany/Sweden…maybe Russia depending on the time it get brutal.