USSR fire-and-forget weapons for ground vehicles

I’ve tried researching this topic recently and I can’t find anything besides helicopter based fire-and-forget weapons.

Does anyone know of any fire and forget (not semi-automatic laser guidance) weapons the USSR can get for ground based vehicles?

Maybe Kornet-D/EM

Those are semi-automatic laser guidance.

Main thing I can think of is the Khrizantema, but that would be nothing new in game.

I didn’t think about that one, but that requires a radar lock from the parent vehicle, in terms of IR guided weapons it doesn’t look like there are any options for the USSR unfortunately.

Not that I’m aware of.
Russia nowadays seems unable to produce products such as Spike, so they compensate by making traditional ATGMs unreasonably powerful.
Not a bad way of doing things, but it is a missing capability in their arsenal.

yup, the kornet em has 1100-1300 mm of armor penetration. It is not that they can’t produce a fire and forget missile, they just don’t want to waste +$50k per missile, or they don’t have this money.