USSR coastal fleet is broken

Unless it can, USSR coastal vessels mentioned in this topic are broken in same coastal class AND every coastal vessel in game can’t properly compete against bluewater ships unless they have happen to end up in some very specific situation, like when you facing new players on bw ships that do silly things.

That is applied only for USSR vessels. Everyone else doesn’t have even a drop of SKR power.

Playing combined should be optional. You want to ruin expirience of bw players - sure, cap the points, laugh and do some dickery like launch torpedoes from invisibility. Doubt if majority of coastal players want to expirience such slow and autistic type of gameplay.

I really enjoyed early days of naval w/o bw shenanigans, some mechanics like targeting were questionable, horizontal tree is clearly doesn’t fit for game. All in all gaijin failed to setup basic gameplay of coastal vessels and probably bw as well.

What’s fun in that? You get to cap zone get some points aaand? Caping something w/o a fight is silly and in combined matches is staight up boring, players that start with heavy fleet spawn don’t want to deal with that sorts of shit and tbh, with light fleet spawn either. There were so many times when enemy team were dominated, but some 0 kills 0 assits 3 deaths lunatics won the match by points.

Pretty much explained in 6th post.
Fill the gaps of vehicles, expand BR and ranks. Give other nations something, that can adequately compete with SKRs.

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Which is how Gaijin gives coastal a role in many maps …

Sure - but those maps ARE there… so you cna’t argue as if they were not.

Heck even in the total open water maps if you have a 5.0 lineup you can bring MTB’s and kill a cruiser or 2 with long range torps.

People arguing that coastal is broken seem to be only using the case of an open water lineup at relatively short range where the Blue-water ships can see the coastal and hte coastal aren’t hiding and/or slinging torpedoes at long range - that is myopic, and indicative of lack of skill.

Coastal obviously doesn’t survive in those conditions - which is why only an unskilled player sails straight into them! Higher skilled players (and I’m not talking abut an elite - just thinking people!!) use whatever advantages their ships or boats have - small size, quick torpedo reloads, island and/or smoke cover


SKR-7 is problematic because is a squadron ship so easy to get with time you don’t see a lot SKR-1 this same you can say about other pure Opness that is even more dangerous than SKR funny because not many ppl use it Premium Event ship Lubeck that is 4.3 and Koln in research tree

The huge problem is the Line up Rus have better ships overall in 4.3 - 5 bracket + the Pe-8 with 5t bomb

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The simple problem as already mentioned with the SKR´s is the tankiness (specifically the -7), damage they can dish out and the manouverability thanks to 85kph of speed. There is nothing equal in the same weightclass that punches this far above its weight. I´ve seen SKR-7´s taking fire from a Köln, SKR-7 and potshots from others yet it didnt sink. I can speak for myself that I cant do that in my Köln without either being immediately crippled/set on fire, lose 50% of my crew in the first seconds of the engagement or survive torpedohits from which I can recover.

In comparison the K2 is slow, low firerate but admittedly tanky. Yet it gets demolished far easier than a SKR-7 and cant retaliate as easy due to a lack of rocket launchers etc.

If we compare the values of gun systems the SKR-7 is also 2-3x as accurate as the Köln while at the same time having a lower cooldown from overheating than the Köln with 12s vs. 15s. Not to mention that most other aspects of the 100mm MLE and the 76mm AKS system are identitcal. Only difference is that the AKS has less explosion radius than the 100mm, but with the volume of fire that doesnt matter. Another aspect is that the Köln with 5x the weight of the SKR has nearly the same recoil offset.

I admit I dont fully grasp all the meanings but there should be far more difference between cannons that have such significant differences in filler, platform and game balance. I assume due to laziness and ignorance the devs threw out the concept of rock-paper-scissors balancing.

Edit: Not to mention the disparity in Ammo costs


Making a return to bluewater fleet battles after a long pause, I’m starting to remember why I don’t enjoy playing the early destroyers, and SKR-7 is definitely a major factor there. Having played it myself, and having been a lot on the receiving end of it, it has the firepower and targeting to easily cripple DDs it commonly meets, re-engage a different target to cripple them too, and then start working over the initial target again, and so on, while staying out of trouble with its excellent mobility, relatively low profile and great durability - the early DDs tend to have so poor targeting, reload and accuracy that disabling the SKR-7’s modules is very hard to begin with, giving it the advantage basically at any range. With such speed, it can even easily relocate itself from the DD spawn to the coastal boat areas and just clean it up.
There is at least one SKR-7 in the hands of a very experienced player in basically every battle I get into, and they consistently score 2-3 times more damage and kills than the second best on the team. I bet people would be up in arms if there was an equally egregious machine dominating ground or air battles.


All coastal is broken with big coastal ships, you cannot really balance them properly, on one end they are prone to being torpedoed, sneaked upon, artillery damaged, they stump upon all smaller sized coastal if they get the chance to fire, and can even duel a same BR DD. Big coastal ships also are not made equal, some have paper thin damage model, others have big fat body that just soaks in all machine gun, auto gun fire, and makes it literally immune to smaller boats. What solution can we have to make it all work better and more fun without diving into BR balancing too much? One of the ideas is to give these ships different goals if they are on the same map. The idea is to have 4 areas to capture, for example boats can have access to shallow area of the map, where bigger coastal vessels and bluewater cannot access or shoot down anyone there, bigger coastal have their own area, bluewater has their own area with a point capture, and there is 4th area where anyone can go in, and in that area anyone can hide from long distance barrage. This brings 2 vs 2 stalemate point capture issue, which can be mitigated by having max 10 min sessions.

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Yes I fully agree - a Köln or Lübeck never has a chance in a 1:1 vs a SKR. Therefore the SKR should go to 4.7 or 5.0. The same with the PR206 - Jaguar, Hugin or Pfeil never have a chance vs. this boat in a 1:1 duel. I often play US coastal 3.3 - when matched 4.3 there is often a PR206 or SKR in the enemy team - if lucky also in the own one. In both cases the 4.3 ships reign completely the match in a ridicoulos amount.


I agree the Russian Navy is the best in the game the funny thing is that SKR-7 and SKR-1 are at BR 4.3, while the Freccia P-493 and Saetta P-494 are at BR 4.7


And I’m sure you hate it when you are facing 2.3’s too…

yes, but its not so extreme like facing the 4.3 boats. Due to the BP restrictions regarding rank 3 I rarely play 2.3 boats (rank 2)

If you go into UK Coastal, they have a number of strong 2.3 boats in rank 3. The current battlepass boat is one of them.

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There might not be so many matches, but the extremes of lethality are just as bad - I play Soviet 3.3 a lot, with Pr-123’s and Pr-85, -183, -201, etc - and they just slaughter when I get an uptier.

And it is like that over all modes - air, ground, AB, RB - if you are facing equipment at 1.0 greater than you then you have a major challenge - so using that as an example of imbalance is just nonsense - it’s like saying USA blue water is broken because Moffetts get killed by Sverdlovs!.

Something really needs to happen to tone down the SKR’s, namely the SKR-7. Its just a nightmare with that broken damage model, broken guns and these RBU-6000 instagib rockets (sink even cruisers).

And all that at 4.3. When I compare that SKR-7 to other 4.0 or 4.3 frigates, this russian thing should be 5.0 or 5.3.