Using windows Magnifier app for enhancing zoom

So I was talking with someone, and the person mentioned using the windows magnifier app to enhance zoom for tanks that have low magnification.
So my question for the community is. Is that considered cheating?
It can be useful for lets say Bkan and other SPGs that have low magnification, to help zero in on far away tanks. What is everyone’s opinion on using the magnifier app for that? Is it cheating or is it just something that is there and nothing can be done about it, and should Gaijin do something about it?

Yes it is considered as cheating. This is probably the first time I have seen someone use that app in a game.


If it gives you an advantage in the game that the rest don’t have with third party software. Obviously it’s cheating.

i wouldnt call it cheating since its free, not installed and comes auto with windows

also the zoom gets bad after like 400%

Are magnifying glasses cheating?

If so, then moving your face closer to the screen is also cheating it seems


We need to determine the lawful distance which you must remain from the computer screen.
Also the size of the computer screen too.


maybe gaijin should ban Mircosoft


Imagine posting an image of you cheating on the forum.


You can designate a shortcut for the zoom, so it is super useful for someone that snipes, especially with a good cannon. They just toggle it when they spot something with binoculars.

I think Gaijin should work better on banning third party apps, it doesn’t seem right for this app to work like that while in game.

According to the rules, we can’t use a device that modifies the image produced by the game. My monitor has brightness control, and I’m sure most if not all do, so can’t play with monitors any more.

should ban Nvdia GPU, it can use Filter for night battle.
same as your screen, it have some setting for dark

Hope you don’t wear glasses either since that also modifies the image.

The thing with apps like magnifier is that if you ban people for using it then you’re banning apps that help visually impaired people from playing the game, and by extension you’re banning anything (external to the game) that helps people with disabilities and other impairments from playing.


Reason: Modifying your eyesight with external equipment.

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Soon we will be banning people that play on mouse and keyboard, can’t give them advantage over console players.

Software zoom is horrible, use this instead

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If you are using things like this, I hope you get banned :)
No mercy.